Plan 7: Eat better through mastering healthy meal planning

Transform your eating habits in 10 weeks

Meal planning is a keystone habit for eating healthy.
Learn how to create healthy meal plans with a Master Healthy Habits Coach.

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Master Healthy Meal Planning

Starting September 15th, Coach Jen will lead a group of 5 people through a signature healthy meal planning program for 10 weeks.

Finishing up the week of Thanksgiving makes you ready to approach the holiday season with healthy habits in place.

This is a pilot program and is no cost to you.
Your participation will help Jen develop this program for future groups.

Over the 10 weeks, you will develop the habit of weekly meal planning, learn and adapt the foundations of healthy eating, and work through obstacles with guidance, support, and accountability from Jen.

Imagine the progress you can make after 10 weeks amazing coaching and support from a team.

Apply for the Plan 7 Pilot Program

You'll be notified via email by Monday, September 13th whether you are part of this pilot program.
Limit is to 5 participants.

Why Pre-Made Meal Plans Don't Work:

Though pre-made meal plans can take the guess work out of what to have for a week, most of the time they aren't right for you and your life situation.

Does not fit your eating preferences

Pre-made meal plans don't consider your dietary preferences and food aversions as well as your family's.

Does not teach out how to eat healthy

You make better decision for healthy eating when you understand what to eat, how to plan, and how to make complete meals.

Not flexible

Pre-made meal plans are flexible to your schedule, time, and what you already have available in your fridge or pantry. 

Too much at one time

Pre-made meal plans can require too many changes at one time which doesn't lead to sustainability of that habit.

Good news is...

You can master healthy meal planning!

How the...

Plan 7 Pilot Program different

Focus is on habit stacking

Instead of going straight to how to eat healthy or trying to establish meal planning while changing eating habits, first the focus is on creating the habit of planning for the week. Then building from that keystone habit into healthy eating. Plan 7 is about progress over perfection.

Takes out overwhelm on how to get started

With so many changes that may need to be made, it be overwhelming to figure out how to get started in way that creates permanent lifestyle changes. Plan 7 helps you get started and continue while considering your personal life and situation.

Removes healthy eating confusion

With so much nutrition information out there, determining exactly what to eat can be confusing. With Plan 7, we remove the chaos by simplify what it means to eat healthy, and gain clear understanding of how to easily create complete meals that include vegetables, protein, fat and carbs

Gets you in control of your food

When you plan out your food, even if you aren't make it all yourself, it puts you in better control of you food quality and portions. Rather than your food controlling you, you are in charge of what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat setting you up for better success toward your health and wellness goals.

Apply to join the Plan 7 Pilot Program!

In 10 weeks, transform your eating habits in a sustainable way with experienced guidance, support, and accountability.

Applications must be submitted by Friday September 10th

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You missed out!

Here’s how Plan 7 works:

  1. 1
    Develop the habit of meal planning.

    - Weeks 1-4 focuses on developing the habits of meal planning all meals for the week include snacks and desserts. 

    - Meal planning does not mean you prepare every meal, but that you plan out what you are having - whether making it or having it made for you - so you are in more control.
  2. 2
    Shift current nutrition to whole real food.

    - Weeks 5-8 focuses on learning the basics of eating healthy and how to incorporate them into your meal planning.

    - Shifting any processed and poor nutrition foods to whole real food.

    - Create meal plans with best daily portions of protein, vegetables, carbs, and fats.

  3. 3
    Practice the mastering of healthy meal planning so it sticks

    - Weeks 9-10 Now that you know how to meal plan and how to eat healthy, continuing to practice the habit with support.

    - Get guidance to help you through obstacles so you end strong with a sustainable habit.

Weekly Overview:

  • On Wednesdays, a new video drops and is available to prepare you for the focus of the week. 
  • On Thursdays, live Q&A with Jen. Time TDB. If you can’t make it, the call will be recorded. Send any questions you have ahead of time.
  • Use the focus points for the week, get yourself ready for a week of success
  • Share you progress with the group and return support and encouragement to your team 
  • Repeat for 10 weeks building on the previous week's habit and develop habits that stick

Here is what you get:

  1. 1
    The Plan 7 Video Course. 

    - Detailed weekly videos for guidance and instruction (Possible lifetime access)

  2. 2
    Support Tools. 
    - PDFs, images, and articles for success
    - Building a go-to recipe library
  3. 3
    Amazing Accountability. 
    - Coach Jen's support every step of the way
    - Weekly live calls with Jen
    - Email support
    - Group encouragement 

Private coaching with Jen for 10 weeks costs over $900

Cost of the pilot program:


Apply now for the Plan 7 Pilot Program!

What our clients say:

Face of Leah - lady smiling with brown hair

“Working with 7Core has been transformational for me. I had amazing support by my side that helped me stay accountable to my goals…”

LEAH  //  Business Development Manager & Military Spouse

older gentleman with big grin

“7Core...took me step by step to a place of well-being and physical health I was convinced was only for others, and not for me.”

LES  //  CEO, Founder, & Author

More about the Plan 7 Pilot Program:

What you gain:

  • The habit of meal planning specific to your life
  • A recipe box of go-to meals
  • Control of your food
  • Confidence in how to eat healthy
  • Save money by being more strategic with your grocery shopping and plans to eat out
  • Save time by already knowing what you will eat or will make
  • Maybe lose weight or improve health conditions
  • Become a healthy meal planning master
  • Sustainable healthy habits

What you learn:

  • How to meal plan for all your meals, even for those busy weeks
  • The simple basics of healthy eating  - both of quality as well as quantity
  • How to overcome challenges that may keep you sticking to your plan

What this is not:

  • Private coaching
  • Quick fix solution
  • Prescribed meal plans
  • Supplement pusher
  • Focus on habits to remove

Meet your coach 

 Jen Gerasimas, Pn2

Jen a former registered nurse, master personal trainer, and advanced nutrition coach. She has been in the wellness industry for over a decade helping people move with more freedom and create sustainable healthy habits in their busy lives. Jen is an author, presenter, and lover of Mexican food. She lives in Washington D.C. area with her husband and teenage daughter.

From overwhelmed to confident

lady smiling with dark brown hair

"The approach helped me to identify small steps I could start with so I wasn't overwhelmed trying to change everything all at once. New behaviors…. have now become a foundation of simple, but strong, habits due to the coaching, support, and accountability I received as a 7Core client."

NICOLE //  Corporate Executive & Mom of 2

Applying for the Plan 7 Pilot Program

Limited to 5 individuals. Cost is FREE.

Before applying, please look at the below lists as well as the time commitment to determine if this pilot program is a good fit for you.

Who the pilot program is for:

If the list below sounds like you, what you are looking for, and gets your excited to participate, then be sure to apply! We want you to get the most out of this program.

  • A minimum of 9/10 ready, willing, and able to make change - you are ready to start and keep going
  • Can start the week of September 6th?? - nothing is holding you back
  • All in for 10 weeks - knowing it takes times to develop sustainable healthy habits
  • Has healthier lifestyle goals - it can be to lose weight, improve medical condition, feel better, etc.
  • Okay with group chats - whether is be via video, email, or text
  • Willing to share, participate, and give encouragement with the group - we are in this together
  • Stay committed to the program and group even if things don't go as planned - mess-ups happen, but don't stop progress
  • Willing to received feedback for support and accountability - especially when not actively participating
  • Okay with the program not being prefect - this is a work, developing process
  • Willing to give feedback for improvement of the program - help us to help others better

Who the pilot program is not for:

Just as important as who this course is for, is who this course is not good for. If you fit any of the point below, this course isn’t for you. I don’t want you wasting your time. 

  • Not ready to make changes - Your heart has to be in it
  • Already meal plans 7 days a week - Future program focused just on the shift to healthy eating
  • Don't have the time to commit - See the time commitment below
  • Looking for a quick fix - Creating habits that stick take time and I don't want you wasting your time on quick fixes
  • Expecting to be told exactly what eat - Given a meal plan or being told what to eat doesn't teach you how to eat healthy or how to develop your own meal plans
  • On or wishes to try a special diet - Focus is on whole real food and we will work with those vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Have too many picky eaters in the house - This has bigger needs that won't be addressed in this program and is best suited for one-on-one coaching
  • Not open for feedback or accountability - That is what this whole program is about
  • Doesn't want to be apart of a group - Totally fine. One-on-one coaching will be best for you.

Plan 7 Pilot Program Time Commitment

I am committing to you for 10 weeks. 

In return I ask that you fully commit to yourself and the improvement of your health for 10 weeks and beyond.

Program timeline:

  • Start on Wednesday, September 15th
  • End on Wednesday, November 24th - in time for a healthy holidays!

Weekly time commitment:

  • Watch. weekly 10-15 minutes videos through your 7Core online course portal.
  • Join in for 30-minute weekly live video support calls with the group via Zoom. If you cannot, watch the replay.
  • Time to plan specific meal tasks for a successful week.
  • Share progress with the group through chats either email, text, or other messenger. 
  • Give encouragement and support to other group members.
  • At the end, fill out a feedback form and give a testimonial.

See what a difference the Plan 7 Program makes to your health in only 10 weeks.

Apply now by Friday, September 10th


You missed out!

All applicants will be notified by Monday, September 13th whether they are part of the pilot program.

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