Fit Health Goals Easily Into Your Busy Schedule 

Without complicated plans, fad diets, or huge time commitments

You know your health is a priority, but it’s easy to let it fall to the bottom of your list.  Small steps and a TEAM to lean on will place it back to the top where it belongs.

Join 7Core’s first ever TEAM coaching group!

Starting March 1st, we are leading a group for 60 days on how to create a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way.

We have seen first hand the results our one-on-one coaching can make, but also understand it isn’t an option for everyone.

This new method will allow us to help busy people, like YOU, meet your health goals.

Not compromising on our personal touch to you, we created a program that combines private and group coaching.

The private coaching sessions establishes you with focus habits specific to your goals, while the team meetings provide education, accountability, and encouragement. 

Imagine the progress you can make after 60 days of amazing coaching and support from a TEAM.

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For this first time offering, you benefit from over 60% off the normal cost.

Sign up for only 2 payments of $147. That is $294 for the total 60 day package.
Includes 2 private coaching calls ($240 value) and 2 team coaching calls per week.

If you’re managing a business or scaling that corporate ladder...if you’re a parent juggling baseball games, online learning, and work schedules...if you are finding work at home is like playing dodgeball with distractions...

...You probably don’t need to be reminded of the stress this past year has caused.  You’re well aware of the chaos of ups and downs this year has caused to your schedule and personal goals.  

Inside your inner voice is speaking…

”I haven’t gone anywhere.  I’ve had time to work on my health, but why can’t I do this?!”

Here’s What You Might Not Know

Even when you have the time and the knowledge of how to meet your goals...doing it alone makes it more difficult in reaching those goals.

A Mindset for Success.

Success at reaching your goals is more likely to happen when working as a team with the same mindset. Even when members have different goals.

Accountability for progress.

Working together with a team generates internal accountability to stay on track.

Habits are the key.

Strengthening your healthy habits leads to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

You + Team = Goals

You’ll reach further when you combine your goals with a team who supports, encourages, and guides you every week.

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

Together Everyone Achieves More!

You’re Invited to Join

Team Coaching with 7Core

Be part of the inaugural goal crushing group.

7Core’s Coaches have expertise and experience helping the busy and overwhelmed tackle the habit challenges to create sustainable healthy lifestyles.

Now, they’re taking their one-on-one coaching to the next level.

Teams working together to improve their health and habits.

Each member has their own goals and journey, but all benefit from the support of a team.

With the power of team coaching, you will reach your goals!

When we say TEAM - We mean it!

You’ll have the coaching, guidance, and knowledge of the ENTIRE 7Core Team. This is not a one coach to many, kind of program. This is 3 coaches and one team.

Every week you’ll have the opportunity to learn and receive help from more than one coach.

We’re putting YOUR journey first.

Although you’ll learn as a team, you’ll get individual attention to get you started.  Every team member will work with a 7Core Coach one-on-one before diving into the team coaching sessions.

Time is ticking to book your first session!

To make this experience personal to your health and wellness goals, your first session is a one-on-one call with a 7Core Coach to establish a confident plan.

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You missed out!

Here’s how this works:

  1. 1
    Meet with your Healthy Habits Coach.

    - The 45 minute starter call is where you and your coach work together to create a starter plan specific to your goals and needs.

    - Prior to the call, you will fill out a in-depth intake form so we can best serve you.

    - One-on-one coaching calls start the week of February 22nd.

  2. 2
    Team sessions over 60 days.

    - There will be a minimum of 2 team calls a week. (More may be added depending on the number of registrations.)

    - Join in as many as you can but commit to at least one per week.

    - Team calls run March 1 - April 30 on Mondays at 1pm EST and Thursdays at 7pm EST.

  3. 3
    Make progress toward your health goals.

    - Feel confident in how to approach and overcome challenges.

    - Get encouraged, empowered, and supported by a TEAM.

We will take you to the finish line by scheduling a one-on-one 30 minute call with your Healthy Habits Coach toward the end of the 60 days.

Here is what you get...

  1. 1
    Success Tools. Value: $75

    - Comprehensive Personal Intake Form

    - Team Starter Guide

    - Commitment Pledge Card

  2. 2
    Success Calls. Value: $690

    - 1 45-minute initial call with your Healthy Habits Coach to create a starter plan toward your wellness goals (Value: $175)
    - 1 30-minute progress call with your Healthy Habits Coach toward the end of the 60 days. (Value: $65)
    - 2 30-minute team calls per week for 60 days, minimum of 18 calls (Value: $450)
  3. 3
    Success Support. Value: Priceless

    - 3 Healthy Habits Coaches

    - Other awesome participants

A total value of $765+

Sign up today for only 2 payments of $147

$294 for the total 60 day package

A savings of over 60%

You + 3 Coaches + Team = SUCCESS

Enrollment has ended. 
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This is the investment for the pilot program.  We can’t guarantee that following offers will be the same.

What our clients say:

Face of Leah - lady smiling with brown hair

“Working with 7Core has been transformational for me. I had amazing support by my side that helped me stay accountable to my goals…”

LEAH  //  Business Development Manager & Military Spouse

older gentleman with big grin

“7Core...took me step by step to a place of well-being and physical health I was convinced was only for others, and not for me.”

LES  //  CEO, Founder, & Author

More about TEAM Coaching...

What you gain:

  • Confidence on where to get started specific to YOUR goals
  • Clarity on the process that works
  • Courage facing and overcoming challenges
  • Resilient mindset with victorious thinking
  • Simplified health and wellness
  • Strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle
  • Skills in mastering your own wellness

How this is different:

  • Focus on sustainability of a healthy lifestyle
  • Individual collaboration with your coach for your specific habits
  • Journey with your TEAM in improving your specific habits while helping each other to greater health and wellness. 
  • Benefit of personal guidance with team coaching sessions to reduce costs
  • Focus on one habit to add

What this is not:

  • Cookie cutter program
  • Quick fix solution
  • Prescribed meal plan
  • Planned workout programs
  • Supplement pusher
  • Focus on habits to remove
Team and success spelled with letter dice

Not just one Healthy Habits Coach, but three.

Headshots of Jen, Sarah, Veronica

With our TEAM coaching, you have the opportunity to learn and get support from 3 certified coaches.

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From overwhelmed to confident

lady smiling with dark brown hair

"The approach helped me to identify small steps I could start with so I wasn't overwhelmed trying to change everything all at once. New behaviors…. have now become a foundation of simple, but strong, habits due to the coaching, support, and accountability I received as a 7Core client."

NICOLE //  Corporate Executive & Mom of 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Total is $294 in 2 monthly payments of $147 each.

What are the team coaching program dates?

  • The team coaching sessions will run from March 1st to April 30th.
  • To make sure you’re ready to start with your focus habit, you’ll want to meet with your coach for your initial 45-minute one-on-one session the week of February 22nd. 

What one-on-one coaching calls are included?

Two one-on-one calls are included in the price of this first team coaching offering. 

  • One 45-minute initial session the week of February 22nd.
  • One 30-minute session the week of April 19th.

What if I want extra one-on-one coaching?

You’re welcome to purchase individual 30 or 60 minute coaching sessions at any time.

Who are the coaches?

The coaches are Jen, Sarah, and Veronica. You can learn more about each one here.

Will I work with more than one coach?

  • Your 2 one-on-one calls will be with the same coach of your choosing.
  • Team coaching sessions will be led by one coach and will rotate between all three coaches.
  • You receive coaching from all three 7Core Coaches!

How will the coach help me reach my goals in a team session?

  • Coaches will share notes with each other about each participant. This ensures no matter what coach you are talking to, they understand your goals, plan, and progress.
  • Use your time during the team sessions to let the coaches know about your progress, struggles, and challenges. 
  • We will be sharing notes from each team session with the other coaches. (Only coaches share notes about participants. Your information is kept private.)

When are the team coaching times?

Currently 2 group calls are scheduled every week on Mondays at 1pm EST and Thursdays at 7pm EST. Depending on the number of team members who sign up, additional times may be added.

Do I have to attend all the team calls?

No, you do not have to attend at the team calls. We encourage you to attend as many that fit into your schedule. These calls are important to the success of creating sustainable healthy habits. Consider scheduling them in your calendar and making them a non-negotiable appointment.

The team session times don't fit in my schedule.

  • We understand that our team session times may not fit everyone's schedule. As the program grows, we will be adding additional team sessions during the week. 
  • We don’t want you wasting your time and money, so if our call times don’t work well for your schedule, let us know when is ideal times for you and we can consider it for the next round of team coaching.
  • You’re still welcome to sign-up to get the one-on-one coaching session and attend the team session when you can. 

How will I know when the team calls are?

  • At the start of the week you’ll receive an email with team calls dates, times, and links. Also listed will be the education topic the lead Healthy Habits Coach for that session will discuss during the first 5-10 minutes of the call. 
  • If you sign up for text notifications, you will receive a text reminder with link 1 hour before the call.

What is the structure of the team calls?

  • The first 5-10 minutes segment of the call will focus on education led by the head coach. 
  • The next segment will discuss habit progression. 
  • The final segment will be for sharing of questions, struggles, challenges and victories with the team. 

What platform are the calls on?

All calls will be on Zoom. You can participate on your computer, smartphone or other device. You may need to download the Zoom app.

What about afterward?

  • After 60 days you have the knowledge and skills to feel confident in how to progress in your journey to reach your desired health and wellness level. 
  • Many people will want to continue the support. Additional one-on-one coaching is available.  We may continue the team coaching when this pilot is done.  We will keep you informed of developments following this pilot program.

What is the Commitment Pledge?

The Participant Commitment Pledge is a five statement pledge you make to yourself along your wellness journey. It’s a pledge you will stay committed to yourself along this journey and keep the right mindset.

What’s the catch?

There is none! We sincerely want you to be successful in your health and wellness journey. In addition, you’re helping us develop a team coaching program that will help individuals in a more affordable team setting. This rate won’t last forever and it’s our way to say thank you for being a part of this exciting pilot program.

See what a difference 60 days makes with a TEAM.


You missed out!

Enrollment has ended. 
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It’s Time To Stop Wishing You Were Healthier and Take the Steps to Make Your Individual Healthy Lifestyle a Reality.

If you’ve read this far then you're clearly thinking hard about it.  There's power in making a decision.  

It's the indecisiveness that causes stress and stalls progress.

Here’s a Tip:

Think about the last time you tried to start a new healthy habit.  

  • What happened?
  • What stopped you?
  • How did you respond to the inevitable roadblocks?
  • When it got hard, what did you do?

Now ask yourself, “How would you feel to FINALLY make that a habit for life?”

Maybe this time, you need a little more support...and that’s OK.

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