Tip #1: Adopt A Victory Mindset

  • When looking to make healthy habits changes, the first place anyone needs to start is with adjusting any defeating thoughts. Before you can start working on any goals, you need to make a shift in the thoughts that will keep you from being successful.
  • Here are the top mindset shifts to make: 
  1. Victim to victory. I already won the battle. 
  2. No more wishing. I am a healthy person. Claim it! 
  3. Taking time for yourself, for your health isn’t selfish and required to best serve your family, job, community, etc.
  4. Mess ups will happen, but they don’t define nor destroy you. Self compassion and grace for mess ups.
  5. This is a continual process for growth and achievement.
  • To help you make these changes, take a sheet of paper and make a list of those negative, success stealing mindsets, cross them out, and write victory ones in their place. Maybe consider throwing the old ones way.
  • These shifts can be the hardest to overcome. If the negative mindset comes back, look back at the list.


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