Start your journey to a healthier life today with one-one-one support.

Healthy Habits Coaching and Personal Training packages designed for everyone in mind. 

Whether you’re looking for coaching, training, or a bit of both, we have options for you. We design the packages for each service to be flexible, so you have the right level of support and accountability you deserve as you move toward mastering a healthier lifestyle. 

For coaching, our monthly subscription-based model gives you total flexibility on the level of support you want. We have no minimums - sign up for as little as 1 month of coaching. When it comes to training, you can purchase sessions by quantity, with single sessions available.

We will be your guide to help you navigate challenges, giving you the insight and education you need to build a strong foundation for a healthy life. 

Healthy Habits Coaching Package

The Health Habits Coaching package is created to deliver the full support you need on your journey to a healthier lifestyle - including nutrition, stress management, movement and more. Through strong communication and accountability that works for you, you’ll never feel alone as you meet challenges and celebrate successes along the way.

Plan includes

  • In-depth onboarding questionnaire
  • 60min Connect Session (via video)
  • Bi-weekly 30min Check-ins (2 total per month via video)
  • Post Check-in summaries and action plans
  • Education materials, as needed
  • Ongoing coach access for support & accountability via text and email
  • A copy of Warrior Approach Guidebook by health coach Jen Gerasimas



per month


first month only

*Payments after initial charge auto renew monthly until canceled. Cancelations must be given by email 15 days prior to the next auto renewal.

Personal Training Package

Get an expert to develop the ideal workout just for you. We design a personal training program that will address your unique health concerns, and over time, lead to increased strength, mobility and freedom of movement. We work one-on-one with people of all ages and physical capabilities both virtually and in-person, taking time to understand any physical limitations or issues that may affect joints and flexibility so we can design a training program that is enjoyable and sustainable.

Plan includes

  • In-depth onboarding questionnaire for each participant
  • Initial 60 minute assessment to uncover your current movement picture, including Functional Movement Screen
  • Customized workout programs based on fitness level, joint issues, and health goals. Programs are updated as needed based on your needs
  • 60 minute Training Sessions, available 2 or 3 times per week
  • Post-workout check-ins to assess recovery and potential adjustments
  • All access support & accountability via text and email for each participant
  • A copy of Warrior Approach Guidebook by trainer Jen Gerasimas


Sessions start at around $117 per session and are available in packages of 12 and 6.

Single sessions are also available.

Combined Healthy Habits and Personal Training Package

Developing healthy habits and improving your physical fitness often go hand-in-hand. That’s why we deliver a full-service offering that integrates our coaching and training together, to ensure alignment in every small step you take to achieve your bigger goals. 

With this package you’ll receive everything in the Healthy Habits Coaching package, paired with the amount of Personal Training sessions that’s right for you. Contact us today and we’ll develop a customized package and pricing that meets your goals.


Customized based on client, contact for information.

Les M. - CEO, Founder, & Author

Jen met me where I was, and took me step by step to a place of well-being and physical health… This has been by far the single best personal investment I have ever made in my own success, and only happened because I reached out to Jen.

Get to know what Healthy Habits Coaching really is and how it can help you.

Healthy Habits Coaching isn’t a pre-set plan - it centers on you and creating realistic, manageable actions that get you where you want to be. It simplifies foundational health concepts to create true lifestyle changes. With us, progress is more important than perfection. Watch the video to see how the one-on-one experience of Healthy Habits Coaching will empower you.


How is 7Core different?

7Core is client-centered. We meet you where you are and help you learn so that you are capable of creating the healthy life you deeply desire. It is not a cookie-cutter program. There is no focus on quick fixes or fads. We make being healthy simple and sustainable. We are fully committed to your success at sustainable healthy habits. Click to learn more about Our Process.

What do you offer & how much?

7Core offers healthy habits coaching, personal training, and a combination of the two. Healthy habits coaching renews on a monthly basis based on each individual’s time required to achieve goals. Personal training is charged on a per 60-minute session basis. For more details on each of these offerings as well as the starter cost, see the Packages Page.

What is healthy habits coaching?

Healthy habits coaching is about helping you establish those habits needed to reach your health, fitness, and wellness goals but most importantly to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. These habits may be in relation to eating better, moving more, reducing stress, and improving sleep. We will tailor the focus based on your individual goals and needs. As the coach, we provide you with support and accountability.

Healthy habits coaching includes five main elements:  centers on the client, focuses on lifestyle habit change, believes in progress over perfection, simplifies the foundations to master, and empowers you in amazing ways. To learn more details of each of these, watch this video.

Do you do nutrition coaching?

Yes, nutrition coaching is part of healthy habits coaching and the biggest reason people seek healthy habits coaching. In helping you eat better, we determine what habits seem highly achievable in your busy lifestyle to get you kickstarted in the direction you want to go. We teach you what it really means to eat healthy, simplify the information, and remove the confusion. The starter habits will differ from person to person and after you establish those key starter habits, we then build on them with other healthy eating habits. We designed our nutrition support to help you create an eating lifestyle consisting of mostly whole, real food that also balances those treats you would like to keep. We want you to have a healthy relationship with food and feel confident as you navigate challenges to healthy eating.

Tell me more about your personal training services.

Personal training can be a stand-alone service or in conjunction with healthy habits coaching. Training can be done in person at 7Core’s beautiful private studio located in the Washington D.C. Metro area of  Tysons Corner or virtually anywhere through FaceTime or Zoom. We have areas of expertise in functional movement, corrective exercise, post-rehab, working with joining issues, older adults, strength training, and cardio programming, just to name a few. We start all new clients with an in-depth intake form and movement assessment (FMS) to help with programming to meet that individual’s needs and goals. We meet you at whatever fitness level you are and progress you appropriately so you can reach and maintain the fitness you desire. See the Personal Training Page for more information on these services.

I've tried everything. How will this work for me?

Trying different health programs without much success may have left you frustrated, hopeless, and defeated. It can seem that a healthy lifestyle is unachievable... or unachievable by you. First, you aren't the problem. Many well-intentioned programs use a system that does too much at one time and is geared to tell you what to do rather than teach you how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. At 7Core, we use a proven system that focuses on the how and the best how is different for each individual. You come as you are and we meet you there, guiding you to improve your health and wellness habits in a progressive way that leads to sustainability.

Is this a quick fix program?

No, this is not a quick-fix program. You may see some results from quick-fix programs, but they are rarely sustainable solutions. At 7Core, we are focused on creating sustainable, healthy habits and stand by our commitment to progress over perfection. Doing too much at one time can lead to overwhelm, injury, frustration, and possibly giving up, which doesn't create the sustainability you are looking for.

Do you coach crazy eating?

We don't recommend nor will we prescribe eating plans such as Keto, Paleo, Vegan, or any others that have specific food restrictions. Now,  if you choose to use specific guidelines such as being meat-free, we will support you in that decision as long as the nutrition plan is comprised of mostly whole, real foods with minimal processed and artificial foods. It is out of our scope of practice to prescribe a specific eating plan based on a medical condition, but if a practitioner has recommended one, we can help you to implement and develop habits to make it a normal part of your life. We designed our nutrition support to help you create an eating lifestyle consisting of mostly whole, real food that also balances those treats you would like to keep. We want you to have a healthy relationship with food and feel confident as you navigate challenges to healthy eating.

Do you give meal plans?

We don't give out pre-created meal plans as they may not fit your needs, your cooking abilities, your time available, or your food preferences.  Meal planning is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We assist you in learning how to meal plan and how to make it a habit. For meal planning to be successful, it has to meet the needs, cooking level, and time constraints specific to your life. We also have a large library of healthy recipes to help you create meal plans on your own.

Will you try to sell me supplements?

No, we will not sell you supplements. We are not affiliated with any nutritional supplement company and will not sell nor require you to take any supplemental products. We may suggest certain supplements if we feel they would be best for your wellness plan. Our suggestions should never take the place of your physician’s guidance

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