Get clarity on simple, healthy eating habits

Carbs or no carbs? Fat or no fat? Dairy or no dairy? Macros, calories, ketos? Determining exactly what to eat can be confusing - not to mention overwhelming to implement and maintain. Stop the madness and get clarity on getting and keeping healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating shouldn’t be so time-consuming and confusing.

What it means to eat healthy is actually very basic - a nutrition plan of whole, real foods. But it sure doesn’t feel that way, does it? We’re bombarded with new products and trends, but short on time. Sorting through it all to feel confident about your eating decisions can feel out of reach. We help you simplify it all by starting with small changes that progressively build a stronger nutrition foundation, giving you insight and support along the way as you make one food change at a time.

7Core Wellness will help you:
  1. 1
    Learn the power of whole, real foods and how find them
  2. 2
    Gain clear understanding of how to easily create complete meals that include vegetables, protein, fat and carbs
  3. 3
    Get insight that enables good decision-making when eating out or at home
  4. 4
    Navigate you through road bumps so you stay on track
  5. 5
    Help you as you increase the right variety of foods and food choices

Start small with 1 or 2 changes

We get to know your preferences and guide you in making 1 small, realistic food change. Then, we build on your successes as you move toward your goals.

Get guidance and accountability

Even if you have a good understanding of healthy foods, it can still be a struggle to make smart decisions. Get insight and support when you need it or as nutrition needs change.

Remove barriers for good

Setbacks? We all experience them - no one eats “perfectly” every day. We help you navigate through changes that affect your eating, so they don’t become permanent barriers.

Leah v, - Business Development Manager & Military Spouse

Eating has always been a challenge for me. I’ve tried all the diets and “lifestyle changes” out there but I wasn’t targeting the deeper emotional issue with food. Working with 7Core has been transformational for me. I had amazing support by my side that helped me stay accountable to my goals and get to a place where eating is finally intuitive for me. I’m no longer reacting to what I “know” I should be eating and, instead, eating the foods that make me feel good and energized — and allowing myself to indulge in the foods that are really a treat for me. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results that 7Core has led me to including losing inches off my waist and hips.  

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