The 6 Minute Healthy Breakfast

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Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can help you set the tone for your entire day. 

Many times though, we skip breakfast or grab and go with an unhealthy option. 

Having a more substantial breakfast will not only get your mind and body going for the day but can increase your chances of not overeating and eating healthy meals later in the day.

I started making these quick, 6-minute breakfasts back when my daughter was a toddler. As a  working mom of a little one, time for yourself can be limited. So as I shifted my eating habits to more whole, real food and including more vegetables in my day, I had to come up with a plan to make that happen at breakfast time. 

If taking 6 minutes to make a quick breakfast and 10 minutes to eat it (I would encourage longer, but I am realistic) sounds like too much extra time for you in the morning, I have a couple of other options for you. Consider making a smoothie to take on the go or spending a few minutes on Sunday to prep overnight oats or a frittata

But in less time than you take to check your email and scroll social media, you could have a healthy breakfast made. Then, you can check your email and social media while you eat.

Here are the steps:

Step One: Heat coconut oil, butter, or ghee over medium-highish heat in a small skillet.

Step Two: Get your supplies--eggs, fruit of choice, avocado, and greens of choice. I suggest greens, like kale, spinach, or swiss chard, because they require no prep. Other options are to chop up veggies at the start of the week and have them ready to scoop in the skillet to cook. Veggies leftover from dinner also work well such as green beans, asparagus, and Brussel sprouts.

Step Three: While the skillet heats up, put your fruit in a small bowl. 1 cupped handful for women and 2 cupped handfuls for men. On a plate, add some sliced avocado. For an average size avocado, ¼ for women and ½ for men. This also a good time to make a cup of coffee or tea with your Keurig, if you use one.

Step Four: Once the skillet is hot, add the veggies of your choice, about 1 fist size for women and 2 fist sizes for men. If using greens, tear them up into smaller pieces as you add them to the skillet. Using a spatula, toss the veggies around. Cook until tender or softened. If using leftover veggies, cook until warmed through. This should only take 1-2 minutes.

Step Five: Crack eggs right in the skillet,  2 eggs for women and 3-4 eggs for men. Immediately, take a spatula, break the yokes, and scramble up the eggs with the veggies. Continue to stir until the eggs are cooked through. This seriously only takes 1 minute. 

Step Six: Pour the eggs and veggies on your plate, season with salt and pepper. Grab your hot beverage of choice and enjoy your breakfast!

If you want to see that I am not making it up that it only takes 6 minutes, watch me make this breakfast.

As with most things when you first get started, it may take a few more minutes to make. But the more you do it, the more efficient and natural it becomes. 

Also, you will develop this habit of having a healthy breakfast and make it part of your morning routine. That is how it started for me.

In fact, I don’t make this particular 6-minute breakfast that often anymore. I prefer my eggs runny rather than scrambled. Now I have another super-quick breakfast routine, but it requires some prep of sweet potato rounds on Sunday. Two eggs over easy with sauteed spinach, sweet potato rounds topped with smashed avocado and hemp seeds, a bowl of berries, and a cup of hot tea. YUM!

If you want help developing a healthy breakfast eating routine that works within the constraints of your demanding schedule, book a time to chat with me

To a busy AND healthy lifestyle, 



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