Reduce stress and improve sleep:

Two actions that go hand in hand

Stress and sleep are two factors that have a vital impact on building and maintaining a healthy life - affecting our mental, physical and emotional health. Mastering your best wellness also includes the practices of reducing stress and improving sleep, and we are here to help you do it.

Learn how to better manage stress and reclaim your sleep.

Sleep and stress seem to work hand in hand, creating positive or negative cycles that feed off each other. No other routine activity compares to the need for sleep, and stress can be one of the biggest barriers keeping us from needed rest. Stress and lack of sleep also affect us mentally and emotionally, something we all too often downplay until it disrupts or changes our lives. At 7Core, we help you connect the dots between sleep and stress, helping you implement small practices around stress reduction and relaxation so you can have the tools you need to better manage stress and get the quality - and quantity - of sleep your body needs to be healthy.

7Core Wellness will help you:
  1. 1
    Identify your unique stressors and how they are affecting your daily habits
  2. 2
    Gain deeper understanding of the relationship between stress and sleep
  3. 3
    Explore, practice and implement techniques that make sense for you
  4. 4
    Navigate you through challenging situations so they don’t derail established habits
  5. 5
    Empower you to create and protect your optimal sleep environment

Connect the dots

We get to know your current stressors and regular sleeping habits to identify the unique cause-and-effect between stress and sleep in your life.

Get guidance and accountability

We give you tools and techniques to put into practice, making only small changes at first. We then build on your success to create stronger long-term habits.

Be empowered to meet the day

Everyone faces stressful situations or a bad day. We help you use your established techniques to navigate through tough times, so you can protect your wellbeing.

Les M, - Founder, CEo, & Author

Jen met me where I was, and took me step by step to a place of well-being and physical health I was convinced was only for others, and not for me. How wrong I was.

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