Healthy Habits Coaching: 

Creating & maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Stop struggling to find the perfect eating, fitness, and wellness plan. Get a nutrition and healthy habits coach who will help you create and, even more importantly, maintain a healthy lifestyle that addresses your unique goals, health concerns, and life’s demands.

Premier healthy habits coaching for improved health and wellness.

It can be challenging to create sustainable healthy eating and wellness habits that fit into a busy lifestyle. All too often, people find they are living with restrictions when it comes to improving their nutrition, health, and overall general well-being. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. At 7Core Wellness, we don’t believe in quick fixes, extreme programs, pre-made plans, or promoting the latest health trends. Instead, we coach you to develop solid skills for creating sustainable, healthy habits that are achievable and specific to you. No matter your personal health goals, these foundational skills make all the difference between success and struggle.

Areas of expertise:
  • Mindset shifts for success
  • Overcoming challenges and barriers
  • Achievable habit building
  • Whole, real food nutrition guidance
  • Practices to reduce stress
  • Skills to improve sleep quality
  • Creating sustainable changes for long term success
  • Advanced coaching certifications

Get personalized healthy habit action steps

Cut the confusion around what to listen to and where to start to have a healthy lifestyle, and get specific, evidence-based guidance unique for your goals and life situation.

Increase your willpower and motivation

Take control and remove restrictions keeping you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle which in turn will empower you to continue healthy habit success.

Experience true support and accountability

With a healthy habits coach, you’ll have the level of expert support and accountability you need to stay on track. We’re here to navigate you through barriers so they never stop you.

Get to know what Healthy Habits Coaching really is and how it can help you.

Healthy Habits Coaching isn’t a pre-set plan - it centers on you and creating realistic, manageable actions that get you where you want to be. It simplifies foundational health concepts to create true lifestyle changes. With us, progress is more important than perfection. Watch the video to see how the one-on-one experience of Healthy Habits Coaching will empower you.

Watch the video to see what you will experience with 7Core Healthy Habits Coaching.

Healthy Habit Coaching focuses on key wellness areas

Most individuals seek out Healthy Habits Coaching for improving and establishing better eating habits. After diving into personal health goals, there can be other wellness areas that need some assistance improving to achieve each individual’s desired hopes. Healthy Habits Coaching helps create sustainable habits in these wellness areas:

Eating better

Shift nutrition to a whole, real food-based eating plan

Reducing Stress

An overlooked, but critical part of a healthy lifestyle

Moving More

Develop the practice of extra daily physical activity

Improving Sleep

There are no substitutes for good quality sleep

Nicole s, - Corporate Executive & Mom of 2

I knew what I needed to do to improve my health but struggled with how to make those changes. Working with 7Core, I discovered the mindset blocks keeping me from being successful as well as the triggers that caused some of my unhealthy choices. The approach helped me to identify small steps I could start with so I wasn't overwhelmed trying to change everything all at once. New behaviors that were previously really challenging for me to implement have now become a foundation of simple, but strong, habits due to the coaching, support, and accountability I received as a 7Core client. 

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