Planning and accountability:
important elements in making long-term change

Planning and accountability - sounds easy in theory but usually seems next to impossible to actually do. But these two key elements don’t have to keep holding you back from making the progress you want to achieve.

Learn how to be proactive in making healthy habits stick.

We start positive changes with the best of intentions - eating healthier, moving more, kicking a bad habit. But life issues or stress get in the way and easily derail us from pushing through to keep going. We believe in developing plans built on realistic actions that actually anticipate challenges. We also believe in delivering support and an accountability system that empowers, not shames, so everyone can see things through no matter what lies ahead.

7Core Wellness will help you:
  1. 1
    Identify past challenges that have kept you back
  2. 2
    Understand what accountability really is and why it’s critical
  3. 3
    See how small individual actions make up your larger planning efforts
  4. 4
    Anticipate obstacles and develop techniques to overcome them
  5. 5
    Learn how to improve communication for stronger accountability

Build plans with

realistic actions

There’s no one plan that works for everyone. We help you build on the successes of your initial small actions to create a long-term plan that truly makes sense for you.

Understand what accountability means

There are many accountability systems out there, and we’ll find the right combination of actions and communication styles that work for you. Feel supported at every step.

Anticipate challenges without fear

We don’t make plans or systems that only work when things are perfect - together we’ll make plans that are flexible, so you can meet challenges with support and confidence.

Leah V. - Business Development Manager & Military Spouse

Working with 7Core has been transformational for me. I had amazing support by my side that helped me stay accountable to my goals…

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