Healthy Habits Coaching


The struggle with maintaining healthy habits with a demanding schedule can be…


When you feel like you have too many changes to make, it can be hard to get started & make success seem unachievable.


With so many expert voices out there, it can difficult to decide what to follow or who to listen to for the results you desire.


After trying different systems with no lasting outcome, it can seem like achieving a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is impossible.

Together we make your healthy lifestyle
simple, achievable, & sustainable
in your busy life.

This is healthy habits coaching.

7Core Clients No Longer Struggle with...

  • Starting and stopping
  • What or who to listen to
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Eating right
  • Meal planning
  • Moving more
  • Practicing self care
  • Stress management
  • Quality Sleep
  • Making healthy habits simple

See what some of our clients have to say...

Working with 7Core Wellness I lost over 60 pounds in weight, completely changed my relationship to food and exercise, and kicked a lifetime's smoking habit. This happened for one simple reason: Jen is a Jedi trainer and nutrition coach. Jen met me where I was, and took me step by step to a place of well-being and physical health I was convinced was only for others, and not for me. How wrong I was. This has been by far the single best personal investment I have ever made in my own success, and only happened because I reached out to Jen. Do yourself a favor - call today. 

Les M.

CEO, Founder, & Author

I knew what I needed to do to improve my health but struggled with how to make those changes. Working with 7Core, I discovered the mindset blocks keeping me from being successful as well as the triggers that caused some of my unhealthy choices. The approach helped me to identify small steps I could start with so I wasn't overwhelmed trying to change everything all at once. New behaviors that were previously really challenging for me to implement have now become a foundation of simple, but strong, habits due to the coaching, support, and accountability I received as a 7Core client.  

Nicole S.

Corporate Executive & Mom of 2

Eating has always been a challenge for me. I’ve tried all the diets and “lifestyle changes” out there but I wasn’t targeting the deeper emotional issue with food. Working with 7Core has been transformational for me. I had amazing support by my side that helped me stay accountable to my goals and get to a place where eating is finally intuitive for me. I’m no longer reacting to what I “know” I should be eating and, instead, eating the foods that make me feel good and energized — and allowing myself to indulge in the foods that are really a treat for me. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results that 7Core has led me to including losing inches off my waist and hips.

Leah L.

Business Development Manager & Military Spouse

We understand what it is like to...

struggle with maintaining healthy habits in a busy life.

Let one of 7Core's Healthy Habit Coaches help you overcome the challenges keeping you from the healthy lifestyle you want and need!

You + 7Core = Success in 3 Steps

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Schedule A Call

Let us get to know you & set you up with the right coach.

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Together with your coach, you will develop a simple & achievable plan.

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Confidently build sustainable, successful healthy habits.

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Commonly asked questions:

How is 7Core different?

7Core is client-centered. We meet you were you are and help you learn that you are capable of creating the healthy life you deeply desire. It is not a cookie cutter program. There is no focus quick fixes or fad ideas. We make being healthy simple and sustainable. We are fully committed to you being successful at sustainable healthy habits. Click to learn more about working with 7Core.

What is healthy habits coaching?

Healthy habits coaching includes 5 main elements: it centers on the client, focuses on lifestyle habit change, believes in progress over perfection, simplifies the foundations to master, and empowers you in amazing ways. To learn more details of each of these, watch this video.

What do you offer & how much?

We offer personal coaching by certified and experienced experts to improve healthy lifestyles. We offer coaching support & accountability services with one person, two individuals, and whole families. Click here to see all our service offerings.

How does the program work?

After  you sign up for one of our service offerings. The sign up will walk you through the steps for setting up payment, filling out essential  forms, and scheduling your initial call with your coach. Then you and your coach will plan your success from there. 

I've tried everything. How will this work for me?

Trying different health programs without much success may have left you frustrated, hopeless, and defeated. It can seem that a healthy lifestyle is unachievable... or unachievable by you. First, you aren't the problem. Many well intended programs are using a system that does too much at one time and is geared to tell you what to do rather teach how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. At 7Core, we use a proven system that focuses on the how and the best how is different for each individual. You come as you are and we meet you there, guiding you to improve your health and wellness habits in a progressive way that leads to sustainability. 

Is this a quick fix program?

No, this not a quick fix program. Quick fix programs are temporary solutions that you may see results from but rarely are a sustainable solution. At 7Core, we are focused on creating sustainable, healthy habits. We are also focused on progress over perfection. Doing too much at one time can lead to overwhelm, frustration, and possibly giving up, which doesn't lead to the sustainability you are looking for. 

Do you coach crazy eating?

We don't recommend nor will prescribe specific eating plans such as Keto, Paleo, Vegan, or any others that have specific food restrictions. Now,  if a client chooses to use specific guidelines such as being meat-free, we will support them in that decision as long as the nutrition plan is comprised of mostly whole, real foods with minimal processed and artificial foods. It is out of our scope of practice to prescribe a specific eating plan based on a medical condition but if a practitioner has recommended one, we can help you in implementing and developing the habits to make it a normal part of you life. Our nutrition support is designed to help individuals create an eating lifestyle of mostly whole, real food and as well as how to balance having those treats that we would still like to keep.

Do you give meal plans?

We don't give out pre-created meal plans as they may not fit your needs, your cooking abilities, your time available, or your food tastes.  Meal planning in essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We assist you in learning how to meal plan and how to develop the habit of meal planning. For a meal plan to be successful, it has to meet the needs, cooking level, and time commitment specific to your life.

Will you try to sell me supplements?

No, we will not sell you supplements. We are not affiliated with any nutritional supplemental company and will not sell nor require you to take any supplemental products. We may suggest certain supplements if we feel it would be best for your wellness plan.

Have more questions?

We are happy to answer.

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Uncertain where to start?

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If you are overwhelmed with all the changes you need to make and uncertain where to start in creating a healthy lifestyle, then take our quiz.

What Healthy Habit Do I Start With? Quiz

Learn what habit to focus on first, create your plan, & start making progress.