Remove your exercise barriers to start moving

With so many simple, free options, getting physical exercise is one of the easiest things to do. So why does it seem so impossible to fit into our lives?

No matter your fitness level, we help you get moving.

We know doing some kind of physical movement is important to our health, but for many it’s tough to make time in our lives for it. And, it can be hard to know what movement is right for our body. With 7Core, you can get the information and personal guidance necessary to navigate and remove the barriers keeping you from getting the exercise your body needs. From something as simple as walking outside to doing a full workout in a gym, we’ll help you find what you enjoy so you can consistently implement movement into your life. We are here to help you create small movement actions that lead to bigger changes and improved strength over time.

7Core Wellness will help you:
  1. 1
    Find the right movements you enjoy and can easily master
  2. 2
    Develop a plan to fit quick exercise time into your schedule
  3. 3
    Empower consistency to help you create real exercise habits
  4. 4
    Navigate you through road bumps so you stay on track
  5. 5
    Help you grow in frequency or intensity to meet your personal goals

Start small with manageable actions

We listen and get to know you, and together discern easy ways to add movement to your schedule.

Get guidance and accountability

Cut the confusion around exercise with insight and education from your coach, and feel supported as you build on your success.

Remove barriers for good

Setbacks? We all experience them. We help you navigate through them so they don’t become permanent barriers.

Certified Personal Training -
now available virtually

Don’t let drive time or lack of local options keep you from getting the exercise you deserve. We are now delivering personal workouts virtually. No matter your current fitness level, we create a program based on your goals and needs to empower you to move and live with more freedom.

We deliver expertise in core strengthening, functional aging, corrective exercises, kettlebells, and more. Contact us today and take control of your physical health.

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AMy G. - Corporate Executive & Mom of 3

Jen puts 110% of herself into every training session and she expects her clients to do the same. Her thoughtful, creative and always-changing training plans are tailored to help clients push their own limits and continuously improve. I particularly appreciate Jen's approach to good health - good nutrition, good exercise and good life balance! She is the best investment in you you'll ever make.

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