Personal Training:

Live and move with more freedom

Stop struggling to find a workout that’s ideal for you. Get a personal trainer who will design a program to address your unique health concerns, and over time, increase your strength, mobility and freedom of movement. 

Premier personal training for improved mobility and wellness.

It can be challenging to create sustainable fitness habits that fit into a busy lifestyle. All too often, people find they are living with restrictions when it comes to their strength, mobility and overall general health. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. With 7Core Personal Training, we help you find ways to enjoy moving more, which strengthens your body and nourishes your mind. We work with people of all ages and physical capabilities both virtually and in-person, and personally design a custom program for each client, reviewing and adjusting each stop of the way.

Areas of expertise:
  • Strength & Cardio Training
  • Corrective Exercises for Imbalances
  • Post Rehab in Collaboration with Providers
  • Older Adult Functional Fitness
  • Pre & Post Natal for Moms-to-be and New Moms
  • Kid & Teen Fitness
  • Running Prep/Plan for Races
  • Kettlebell Instruction & Technique

Get customized workout plans

Cut the confusion around which specific moves and exercises are right for your health goals, and get a program developed uniquely for you.

Increase your strength and mobility

Take control and remove restrictions keeping you from moving freely, and increase your strength, mobility and overall general health.

Experience true support and accountability

With a personal trainer, you’ll have the level of expert support and accountability you need to stay on track. We’re here to navigate you through barriers so they never stop you.

In-person or virtual, personal training is available to you.

We don’t let location and time get in the way of delivering personal training services to clients. We offer virtual personal training and can help you create a productive workout space in your own home. We also offer in-person training for clients local to the Greater Washington, DC area, with sessions in our fully-equipped studio.

Watch the video to see what you will experience with 7Core personal training.

C.A. - Mom of 2

If you show up, Jen delivers. Her services don't stop when your session ends. She is constantly in contact with her clients, keeping them accountable and developing new training challenges.

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