By: Jen Gerasimas
March 21, 2022

If you have tried to lose weight, more than likely, you have either tried by

...calorie counting - restricting yourself to a set amount of calories every day.


...macro counting - trying to eat a certain percentage of protein, fat, and carbs daily.

For most people, calories and macro counting aren't successful in the long term. This generally results in people quickly and easily returning to their former way of eating.

Fortunately, there is a better and more sustainable option for getting the right amount of protein, veggies, fat, and carbs. And that is using hand portions.

Hand portions are an excellent method because: 

  1. Your hands are always with you. No need for a scale.
  2. It is a much more straightforward method. No need for a calculator. 
  3. Your hand size fits your body size. Your portions would be appropriate for your body. 

The majority of individuals don’t need to be concerned with consuming a certain amount of calories or macros. Having a healthy eating lifestyle is not meant to be so complex or difficult. 

Instead, most people need to switch eating artificial, pre-made, processed foods to whole real foods. That will be life-changing for almost anyone. 

Using hand portions has several benefits:

  • Make sure you are getting the right daily balance of each food group.
  • Increase the quality of what you eat to whole real foods.
  • Cause you consume fewer calories

For a visual of what I mean by using hand portions, check out the hand portion guide below. Click the image for a printable version. 

This guide shows you:

  • how to use your hand for portions
  • examples of foods for each food group 
  • recommendations on daily hand portion amount for both men and women
  • what a complete meal consists of

When trying to make changes in your eating using this hand portion method, start small. For example, focus on just quality protein intake at first rather than trying to fix everything at once. You can build off the consistency of doing one piece of it really well. 

If you need help on how to implement hand portions in your eating routine, schedule a time to chat with me.

To your best health and wellness,


For a larger and printable version, click on the image below.

Quick Guide on Hand Portions


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