Jen’s Christmas Dinner Menu

No doubt, Christmas dinner has to be special. A time to pull out the china and make some fancy dishes.

The menu below is what I made last year for Christmas. I haven’t finalized my menu this year. 

The soup was a request from my husband and well worth the time. The salad was a recommendation from a client and prefect for the season. The fish was something we had done before and just love it. The Brussel sprouts were the first use of my new Instant Pot with a combo air fryer and came out so tasty. Finally, the pie was a first-time make and a decidiant but light way to end the meal. 

All this came together beautifully. Very fresh. Lots of variety in foods, textures, and flavors. 

I’d like to hear what you traditionally make for Christmas dinner. So comment below and let me know.

To a healthy and enjoyable holiday season,


Jen’s Christmas Dinner Menu

Soup Course:
  • Kharcho - Stewed beef and rice in a tomato broth
Salad Course:
Main Course:
Dessert Course:


Dessert, main dish, side dish, sides, sweets

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