By: Jen Gerasimas
August 23, 2021
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3 Daily Healthy Habits Not Related to Food or Exercise


Food and exercise are at the top of every wellness professional’s list when it comes to establishing daily healthy habits. Would it shock you to know I practice three vital habits not related to either? By committing to these 3 daily healthy habits that aren’t about food or exercise sets me up to eat well and move more. They are: 

  1. Start the day with quiet time.

  2. Schedule time away from my phone in the evening.

  3. Read before going to sleep.

Read on to discover how I do these and how they help to multiply my health and wellness.

Typically when people think about healthy habits, they consider habits related to eating better and exercising regularly. But not all healthy habits have to do with these two areas. In fact, other healthy habits that reduce stress, improve sleep, maintain a positive mindset, and increase productivity - just to name a few - can be equally as valuable or even more important to our well-being. 

Improvement in the above mentioned areas can support the habits of eating better and exercising regularly. For example, if you are less stressed, you may eat better. Or if you get more sleep, you will have more energy to exercise. 

So what are those daily habits that help you maintain good health but aren’t food or movement related? And why are they important to you? 

I’m going to share with you my top three daily healthy habits that aren’t about food or exercise, how I do them, and how they help my well-being. The reason these healthy habits have become so important to me is they connect me with some of my biggest “whys” for having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle - my faith and my family. Yours may do the same.

Jen’s Top 3 Daily Healthy Habits

1. Start the day with quiet time.

How I do it: My alarm goes off at a minimum of one hour before my first client, which normally is between 5-6 a.m., or any other scheduled appointment. One key part of how I start my day is in what I call quiet time. I take about 15 minutes to read the Bible, write some thoughts, and say some prayers. 

How it helps: First, having this daily practice strengthens my faith. For me, my faith is the most important investment I can make. If I left this for another part of my day, chances are I wouldn’t get it done. Second, this habit helps me give the best to my clients and family.

2. Schedule time away from my phone in the evening.

How I do it: From dinner time until I go to bed, I keep my phone away and do not look at it. Before I get in bed, I check it again for any messages from my clients or friends that need urgent attention. 

How it helps: Setting a “no phone” time gives me the much-needed break from devices in the day. But mainly I do this habit because it gives my family more of my attention. Evenings spent as a family are very important. Any messages or social media checks can wait.

3. Read before going to sleep.

How I do it: Once I respond to needed messages, I plug my phone in across the room in the bathroom to charge for the night. Then, I read a book until I get sleepy. Which actually isn’t very long. I honestly can’t get past a few pages until I am ready to go to bed.

How it helps: I get more and better sleep when I read before bed and move my phone away from me. I am not tempted to pick up my phone and respond to messages, google something, or browse social media. That can cause a downward spiral, affecting both quality and quantity of sleep. Reading helps to distract my mind from all the things that can race through it at night. And it puts me to sleep faster. Also, my alarm, which is my phone, being in the bathroom keeps me from hitting the snooze and being rushed as I mentioned above. With my early morning wake-ups, I need great sleep so I am not a zombie for my family later in the day. 

What about you?

I would love to hear what non-food and exercise-related healthy habits are very important to you and why. Please comment below. 

If you struggle to get healthy habits like these established and need some help and accountability, let’s chat about it. 

While eating right and getting plenty of exercise are important, other healthy habits can be just as valuable to your overall well being. Ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities need us to take good care of ourselves. 

To your best health and wellness,



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