Tip #10: Create a Successful Environment

  • A way to reduce the stress and overwhelm of trying to achieve healthy habits is to design an environment that sets you up for success. 
  • If you are struggling with some healthy habits, your environment may be getting in the way. Such as: unhealthy snacks in your desk at the office, workout clothes that aren't clean and ready for your next workout, your work space is a mess, the treadmill is covered in miscellaneous items, or ice cream is always in the freezer. 
  • Creating an environment for success, by removing or changing the space or situation, may be the key you need to help you maintain your healthy habits. 
  • One of the biggest areas in your home to create a successful space is your kitchen. We have a free Kitchen Detox resource on not only what to remove from your kitchen, but what to put back in through a Kitchen Detox.


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