By: Sarah Jennings

Tip #12: Just Breathe

    • Concentrating on and connecting to our breath can have mega overall health benefits for our bodies. Breathing can help us reduce stress, focus on our tasks at hand, and feel refreshed and ready to tackle what lies ahead. 

    • Efficient breathing helps our entire body perform better:

      • Breathing lowers harmful effects of too much cortisol.

      • Lowers heart rate.

      • Breathing elicits a relaxation response in our bodies and helps us to de-stress.

      • Stimulates our lymphatic system helping our body to detoxify.

      • More oxygen to our blood means our heart pumps better, provides more muscle elasticity

  • When to do breathing exercises:

    • When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed

    • Before and after your workouts - helps to pump blood to the muscles so they can work efficiently during the workout; helps muscle recovery after the workout.

  • Practice 2x Breathing technique - Fill and empty the belly completely. Exhale for twice the amount of time that you inhale.

    • Inhale through your nose, filing your entire belly with air, for 2 counts.

    • Exhale through your mouth for 4 counts, emptying your entire belly.

    • Once you are comfortable with a 2/4 combination, try a 3/6 combination, working your way all the way up to a 4/8 combination.


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