Tip #13: Take Time to Unplug

  • Decreasing the amount of time you are on social media can reduce your stress and be of help mentally as well as emotionally. 
  • If you find social media causes you increased stress levels, you will want to find times to take a break daily or weekly. 
  • Here are 3 ideal times to take a break: 
    1. First thing in the morning. Start your day off for success by not getting on social media as soon as you wake up.
    2. Before going to bed. Have a cut off time of no more social media before bed. You will get to sleep faster, sleep better, and possibly get more sleep.
    3. Choosing one day or part of a day to not get on social media. Sunday is typically a good day for people.
  • If constant peeking at social media impacts time with you family, completing work tasks and impacting your sleep, you especially want to set boundaries on when you can look at it. 
  • A few ways to help you limit yourself: 
    1. Set limits on how long you can look at social media each day. Use an app that allows you to set a timer or how many times you can open social media apps.
    2. Take the social media apps off your phone and only look at them on your computer or tablet. The viewing is more intentional.
    3. When working or spending time with family, set your phone out of view. Out of sight, out of mind. This helps to increase productivity and allows you to be more present. There is truly nothing urgent on social media. It can wait.
  • Your health will be better off if you control the influence of social media rather than it controlling you. 


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