Tip #16: Practice Mindful Eating

    • In our busy day to day lives we tend to not realize what we are putting into our bodies. Oftentimes we don’t pay attention to how much we are eating, what we are eating, how fast we are eating, etc.  It is important to take the time to be more mindful when we are eating.  Here are a few tips:

      • Eat slowly: Chew your food slowly, set your fork down after each bite, pay attention to the flavors in your food (smell and taste the flavors).  You will digest better when you are eating slower instead of stuffing your face because you are so hungry or are in a hurry.

      • Listen to your body: Our eyes tend to be bigger than our stomach when we are really hungry.  We regret most of the time when we overeat, we get really stuffed and don’t feel as good.  Listen to your body and pay attention to when you are 80% full and satisfied.  Make the decision to stop when you are satisfied.  To help with this, put food away when you are done eating so you aren’t tempted to continue nibbling.

      • Portion control: Eat from a smaller plate to help with portion control.  Make the decision ahead of time that you will have one helping so you don’t overdo it.

      • Enjoy your food:  We are nourishing our bodies as we are eating.  Take the time to enjoy the food you put into your bodies.  It can help you to be more mindful of the things you put into your body and help you have a better relationship with food.


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