Tip #18: Where to Start With Nutrition

    • So you know you need to make changes in what you eat. And you know that it is best for you to eat mostly real whole food. But making the shift to all real food seems overwhelming not to mention a huge challenge to maintain. So where do you start in your busy schedule?

    • Back in Video 2, Coach Veronica discussed how to break large goals into smaller habits. So instead of attempting to implement a huge overhaul in your eating, let’s start with a smaller focus. In addition, rather than focusing on what you need to take away, focus on what you need to add.

    • So with that said, the first habit we recommend for those with a goal of mostly eating real food is adding more vegetables in your day. 

    • We recommend adding veggies because it is the area that the majority of adults need to improve. Only 1 out of 10 adults get the recommended amount of 5 servings everyday of veggies.

    • If 5 servings a day seems unachievable right now, start by adding just 1 or 2 a day and then work your way up to that minimum of 5 servings. Here are some simple ways to get more veggies: have a salad instead of a sandwich, have veggies for a snack, or add greens to your smoothie.

    • For more on this, see our article 7 Easy Ways To Get More Veggies In Your Adult Day linked below. Also use the Healthy Habit Starter Guide to help you stay accountable. 


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