By: Veronica Garces

Tip #19: Drink More H2O

    • Have you ever experienced breaking out in your skin, not having a lot of energy, feeling really tired, not being able to focus, etc?  Those are all signs that you need to be drinking more water.  Drinking water is essential to keeping us hydrated.  

    • Here are some simple tips that you can implement on drinking more water throughout the day:

      • Eat more fruits and vegetables: Many fruits and vegetables contain water in them such as leafy greens and watermelon.

      • Replace soda and high sugar drinks with sparkling water: Drinking high caffeinated and sugary drinks lead to dehydration. I know a lot of us still crave that carbonation throughout the day. To help with that and to stay more hydrated, you can drink sparkling water.  Some brands to check out that have several different flavors are: Lacroix and Bubly

      • Take your water with you: Get a water bottle that you like and take it with you wherever you go.  Having a water bottle with you will remind you to keep drinking throughout the day.

      • Drink a glass of water with your meals: Develop this habit so that you can up your water intake.  It also will help you to feel more satisfied during meals and not overeat.

      • Set reminders in your phone to drink more water: This will help you be reminded throughout the day.  We tend to forget to drink if we aren’t in the habit of it, so having reminders will help with that.

    • For more information on staying hydrated, take a look at Coach Jen’s article, 5 Simple Ways To Stay Better Hydrated


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