Tip #2: Small Habits to Big Goals

  • Setting goals that promote your overall health can seem overwhelming at times.  Breaking them down into smaller habits help the process seem more manageable.
  • Here are tips to help with breaking down your goals:
    1. Your Goal, Your Vision -- You may have a wellness goal in mind you would like to achieve or a vision of yourself as a healthier person.  Write these goals down.  Make it as specific as possible.
    2. Note Your Why --  What is your deep reason for having this goal, for wanting to make changes? This is your why.  Your why is very personal.
    3. Pick 1-2 Small Habits -- Select 1-2 small habits to focus on that support your goal.  The habits must be specific to your goal.  Consider starting with ones you can implement quickly.  Start small and build.
    4. Identify Challenges and Create a 4 Week Plan -- Consider the next 4 weeks.  What steps do you need to take? What preparation do you need to do to ensure the success of your habits? Identify any challenges that may prevent your habits from happening, and write down your strategy for overcoming those challenges.
    5. Mark Your Success -- For an accountability system, use a calendar to mark off all of your days of success.  You can also use it to note events that might get in your way of your habit (i.e. parties, dinners out traveling).
  • For more information on setting goals and to get started on creating healthy habits for yourself, download our Healthy Habits Starter Guide.


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