Tip #23: Best Practices For Eating Out

    • There are times in a busy schedule where you will be eating out or ordering take out. Maintaining healthy eating when having food from a restaurant can be challenging. Part of developing a sustainable healthy habit lifestyle is knowing how to handle and deal confidently with eating out situations. 

    • Here are 5 tips to make eating or ordering out more successful: 

      • Have a go-to healthy dish or dishes to order for places you regularly order from. And if you are eating at a restaurant, check out the menu online and decide ahead of time what you are having before you go.

      • Pick healthier sides. Veggies or a side salad instead of fries, onion rings, or rice.

      • Get sauces and dressing on the side. Sauces and dressing can quickly increase the calorie count of the food you are consuming, not to mention they can be high in sugar and/or poor quality oils. So rather than have them already poured all over the food, get the sauces and dressings on the side. Then dip your fork in them and take a bite of food.

      • Ask your server not to bring the chip or bread basket. If you tend to make a meal out of chips and salsa or bread and butter before your actual meal arrives, ask the server not to bring the temptation basket. No meal before your meal.

      • Salads aren’t always the healthiest option. Some salads are loaded with fried meat, cheeses, dried fruit with extra sugar, crunchy strips, not to mention creamy or too much dressing. Best to pick salad with not so many extra fancy toppings, made of dark leafy greens, and lots of other veggies. And as mentioned earlier, get the dressing on the side. Or go with lean meat and veggies.

    • If you choose to make one of your restaurants or take out meals a treat meal, that is fine. Just make it part of your plan for the week and make it good.


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