Tip #26: Pick a Movement You Enjoy

  • When working on creating a routine of regular movement, the movement you choose to do needs to fit two criteria to increase your success of getting the activity done. 
  • Focus on a movement that, one, you enjoy doing and, two, that is easy for you to go do. Don’t go for anything hard and difficult. For example: go for a 15 min walk, dance for 10 minutes, or ride the stationary bike in the basement for 20 minutes. 
  • If you are uncertain what to do, experiment and see what you enjoy plus what fits in your schedule. If you are dreading what you have planned for a workout, you may be more likely to skip it. So plan something you like to do and is easy for you to do.
  • To set yourself up for even greater success, prep your environment to make it easier to get moving as discussed in video 10. Have your workout clothes out and ready to put on, clean the space you need to move, set a timer for when to get started. Make achieving your movement habit as easy as possible.


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