By: Sarah Jennings

Tip #28: Easy Home Gym Ideas

  • A Home Gym set-up is a great way to ensure you have all of the tools necessary for a great workout! However, it does not have to be a major financial investment. With just a few pieces of equipment you can really elevate your workouts. 
  • Don’t forget that you already have the most important piece of equipment already...your very own body!!! Bodyweight exercises are an incredible way to stay physically fit and doesn’t require any other investment other than a commitment from you!
  • Some great equipment that you can invest in: 
    • Yoga Mat
    • Gliding discs
    • Mini resistance bands
    • Superbands  and a doorway pullup bar are two great tools to help you work towards that pull-up you’ve always wanted to be able to do.
    • A few pairs of dumbbells can help you add resistance to exercises to make them more challenging.
    • TRX suspension training is an incredible way to uplevel your workout and provides an endless amount of variety to your routine. 
    • A stability ball is another great piece of equipment to add to your home gym set up. It requires a lot of balance work which is a great way to challenge your core stability!
    • A single kettlebell is the ultimate when it comes to versatility.
  • If you aren’t ready to invest in equipment right now you can use household items to up your workout game. Things like gallon water jugs, canned food, paper plates, even a toddler can be a great way to add some resistance when you need it. 


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