Tip #29: Move More During Your Work Day

    • If you sit for long periods of time while working or can’t get to the gym like you would like due to your busy schedule, purposely finding more ways to move more and sit less, can not only make you feel better but actually increase your productivity and creativity. 

    • When working, whether in an office or from home, here are a few ways to reduce your sitting and move more: 

      • Get a standing desk. Hello, happier hips and back! Whether “sitting is the new smoking” can be debated, it is true the more you sit, the greater risk you are for having back pain. Hips in a constantly flexed position tightens them and they pull on your back. Give your hips a break by getting a stand-up desk. 

      • Schedule breaks. This may sound obvious but we have clients who just work and work and don’t take breaks. Schedule those breaks, especially to eat. It is these breaks that will actually make you more productive and can help promote creativity.  

      • Take walking meetings. If the meeting isn’t a teleconference where you have to show your face or be directly in front of a computer, take your meeting outside or walk around your office. This can apply to both in person or over the phone.

      • Use wireless headphones. Free yourself from cords or having to hold a phone to your ear so you can stand or move around while you talk as well as not put your neck in an awkward position.

      • Park far away and take the stairs. Pick a parking spot away from the entrance. And rather than take the elevator to your office or place of work, take the stairs. Get those extra steps in.

    • These may seem like small ways to move, but it is the small things that add up to big changes over time.


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