By: Jen Gerasimas

Tip #3: Recognize Triggers

  • An important part of creating sustainable healthy habits is identifying the triggers that cause or lead you to undesirable habits such as poor eating, skipping workouts, depleting energy, and increasing stress.
  • Some examples of triggers: 
    • A stressful situation at work or with family, leads to unhealthy snacks. 
    • Being too tired to get up early and get your workout in is caused by scrolling social media for too long before bed, leading to less sleep and poor quality sleep.  
    • Eating more at the end of the week because you reduce your intake during the start of the week. 
  • Some triggers create a cycle such as tired --> poor food --> tired --> poor food. So fixing one can help the other. 
  • Only after recognizing these triggers can you develop a plan of action for overcoming them or reacting to them differently.


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