By: Jen Gerasimas

Tip #4: Practice Gratitude

    • It is important to continue working on your mindset through this process. Part of that work includes shifting your focus away from the things around you that aren’t going well and spending more time focused on the things that are going well. 

    • Keep a journal - 3 good things exercise

      • We are putting pen to paper for this exercise. Find a journal or notebook that you like.

      • Each day you are going to list three good things that happened during your day.

      • They don’t have to be monumental, earth-shattering events. Just 3 good things.

    • Spend time in nature - 

      • Unplug for this exercise - leave your earbuds and your phone at home

      • Go for a walk around your neighborhood and take time to really take in your surroundings like you don’t usually have time for.

      • Go hiking in a new area. 

    • Take time to enjoy the process/the journey

      • Spend more time focused on the present instead of only looking towards the end goal.

      • Don’t miss the milestones along the way because that is where the real lessons are learned, not just from the end product.


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