By: Veronica Garces

Tip #5: Exercise your Mind

When we think of our health we think of exercising and eating right.  Have you ever thought about exercising your mind? It is just as important.  Exercising our minds keeps our brains healthy!

Brain health is key for making sure we live our lives to the best of our abilities, no matter what age we are. Our brain controls how we think, speak, and act. It is essential to keep our mind as active as possible at all times.

Some ways to keep your mind active:

  • Keep Learning- pursue a hobby, learn a new skill, or educate yourself in a new area.
  • Keep believing in yourself- Stay positive, and remember that age is just a number. Don’t give up too early.
  • Keep using all your senses- Your brain will work best when you use more senses – you’ll be more likely to learn something quickly and have a better time remembering things.
  • Stay physically healthy-  This one goes without saying.  Develop good basic health habits.  Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.


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