Tip #17: View Food in a Different Light

    • How do you view food? Your thoughts about food may be what is getting in the way of you being successful with healthy eating. At the start of this video series we talked about how success is first won (or lost) in the mind.

    • We are not advocating food obsession but rather being more intentional about what we eat so the food we consume can best serve us physically as well as emotionally. 

    • Many people decide what they are going to eat based on feelings, emotions, and creating current moments of pleasure rather than the impact it has on them long term.

    • Our bodies deserve the very best quality food we can get. We don’t deserve fake food. And moreover, our bodies weren’t designed to digest and process fake food. Our bodies are pretty incredible how they can heal and adapt to change, but the repetition of ingesting the chemicals from fake food does a lot of damage over time.

    • So consider these two questions when deciding what to eat: 

      • What is the food made of? Does it consist of primarily whole real food or does it consist of mostly processed, artificial, and/or sugar? If it's more of the latter, how can I make it more like the former?

      • How is this food serving me? Am I picking this food because it will help me feel better emotionally in the moment, or because it is best for me in the future?

    • This doesn’t mean you can never enjoy tasty treats and decadent meals. We just need to be more intentional about having those occasional treat meals by planning them ahead of time. You will actually enjoy them more. 

    • In summary, food is a vital teammate for good health and wellness. What type of teammate do you work with regularly?


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