By: Veronica Garces

Tip #21: Healthy Snack Ideas

Throughout the day between our meals, we want a snack.  Sometimes we snack on things that aren’t the best for us.  We want to make sure we are still eating healthier foods when we choose to have a snack.  Here are some examples of healthy snacks:

    • Eat veggies as a snack: Prep a selection of veggies for the week to snack on.  They will give you a variety of necessary nutrients.  For more information on how to eat more veggies more your day, check out Coach Jen’s article, 7 Easy Ways To Get Veggies In Your Adult Day

    • Eat good quality bars: Stay away from granola bars that are processed and have a lot of sugar in them such as Nutri-grain, Chewy, etc.  Eat bars that are more nutritious and have more natural ingredients in them such as Kind Bars, RX bars, and Lara Bars

    • Fruit: Eat fruit with nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew, etc.).  You could also eat nuts as part of a snack since they are full healthy fat.

    • Take snacks with you on the go: Prep snacks for on the go when you are traveling or know that you will be gone for most of the day.  For more tips on healthy snacks on the go, read my article, How To Maintain Healthy Habits While Traveling 


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