By: Veronica Garces
July 14, 2020
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How to Maintain Healthy Habits While Traveling

We’ve all been there…visiting new places, disrupting our regular routines, and struggling to maintain our healthy habits while traveling. Without access to your local grocery store or favorite workout routine, you may find yourself indulging in unhealthy restaurant meals, eating processed snacks because they are convenient, and not keeping up with your usual exercise routine.

It is very easy to say, “Well, I am on vacation, I can eat and do what I want. I will get back on track when I get home.” 

Don't use traveling or vacation as an excuse to throw your healthy lifestyle out the window. Instead, focus on creating healthy habits while traveling. It is possible to do even if you think you will be too busy to even think about it. Make the decision to keep up with your healthy habits BEFORE you travel. 

Recently, I went camping and have some other small trips planned this summer. These simple tips will help you to better maintain your healthy habits while traveling. I will explain how I apply these suggestions to my traveling experiences.

Plan Ahead 

Make a plan. Do you have a long driving day ahead of you? Skip the fast food stops, and instead pack a cooler with healthy snacks like fruit, raw veggies, and granola bars.

Make a (loose) meal plan and pack items that are simple to prepare. If you have access to a freezer, consider making a few healthy meals ahead of time and packing them in single serve containers for quick meals. When on vacation the reality is that you will most likely eat out. Plan ahead by reading over menus of restaurants you will attend.  Some simple tips to not overdo it at a restaurant are to not fill up on the free chips and bread before your meal, ask for sauces and salad dressings on the side, share an entree, etc.  

Practical Application

The drive to the camping site I went to in Montana was almost six hours away from where I live in Utah. To prepare for the drive I packed a cooler with some raw carrots, peppers, oranges, grapes, and Larabars to snack on. For meals at the campsite, we prepped a lot of things at home to make the cooking easier. We had a trailer and other equipment to use to make full meals. All of our meals included a vegetable. I limited myself to one helping of the less healthy meals to keep from overdoing it. At the end of the month, I am taking a trip to Washington for a friend’s wedding. I know I will be eating out a least a few times while I’m there. I will definitely look up menus ahead of time so I can plan to order the healthier options.

Get Creative With Exercise

No matter where you are, you can move your body. Make it a priority to get out and MOVE on a daily basis. How about a walking tour of a city? There’s no better way to experience a city or small town than on foot. Not only will you get some exercise, but you’ll also experience different scenery that you might miss while in a vehicle. You could also check out local trails and natural scenery with a hike. Plan ahead to see if there will be a gym nearby where you could get a day pass or if your hotel/air bnb will have workout equipment available to use.

Practical Application

I did a lot of walking while I was camping. Any chance I had to walk I would take it, even if it meant taking the longer way just to get some extra steps in. Two of the days we went into a small town nearby to do some looking around at shops and sights. We walked most of the time when we were there. I also did a bodyweight workout outside one morning to squeeze in some extra movement. I looked ahead at the hotel I will be staying in Washington and it has a small gym for guests. I plan to use that to get my exercise in while I am there.

Treat Yourself 

A big part of going on vacation is treating yourself. Maybe there’s a place that is famous for their ice cream and you really want to try it. By all means, try it out. Don’t deprive yourself of everything. Just don’t overdo it. It’s all about balance when treating yourself. Treating yourself could also apply to relaxing and putting all work things aside. Take that time to disconnect from your work life and relax. Enjoy yourself while traveling and have fun!

Practical Application

I didn’t have cell service most of the time while camping. I have to say it was really nice to be disconnected from everything for awhile. I didn’t have to think about work or other things going on. We were right by the water and it was such a beautiful view. (See the initial article image.) It was nice to relax and enjoy nature. We made s’mores one night and peach cobbler another night over the campfire. Did I have some? You bet I did! I just had one helping so I wouldn’t overdo it. It was a treat that I was looking forward to. I was able to enjoy it because I was mindful of not overdoing it. I plan to do my research when I go on other trips to see how I want to treat myself and make it worth it.

Plan a trip now and get these tips in motion to practice maintaining your healthy habits!

Comment below what you will be doing to maintain your healthy habits while traveling.  


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