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Get guidance and support to master a healthy lifestyle with premier fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits coaching.

Helping you become a master of a healthy lifestyle

Get guidance and support with premier fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits coaching.

Helping you become a master of a healthy lifestyle

Get premier guidance, insight and ongoing support to take control of your health.

Experience what real health changes can mean for your life. Our approach empowers and guides you to meaningful success.

Take realistic actions

No more overwhelm - small, manageable steps you can actually accomplish

Remove past barriers 

We help you navigate through road bumps so they don’t derail progress

Get certified coaching expertise

You’ll have a trained, certified expert you can trust to educate and empower you

Use an evidence-based approach

No fads or trends. Our approach is based on proven data and methods that work

Get clarity about healthy eating

Stop guessing what’s right for you and your diet, and get clear direction to success

Experience ongoing support

Never feel alone as you meet challenges, get true accountability and celebrate success 


Working with 7Core Wellness I lost over 60 pounds in weight, completely changed my relationship to food and exercise, and kicked a lifetime's smoking habit. Jen met me where I was, and took me step by step to a place of well-being and physical health I was convinced was only for others, and not for me. How wrong I was. This has been by far the single best personal investment I have ever made in my own success, and only happened because I reached out to Jen.

Get to know what Healthy Habits Coaching really is and how it can help you.

Healthy Habits Coaching isn’t a pre-set plan - it centers on you and creating realistic, manageable actions that get you where you want to be. It simplifies foundational health concepts to create true lifestyle changes. With us, progress is more important than perfection. Watch the video to see how the one-on-one experience of Healthy Habits Coaching will empower you.

Start your journey to living a healthier life.

Our process helps you feel empowered at every step, building on what success means for you.

1. Start with a Connect Session

We get to know you, and discuss your wants, goals and the unique challenges we want to overcome

2. Take your first action steps

Guided by evidence-based practices, we develop initial small actions that will serve as your foundation for future big impact

3. Experience ongoing support

Your coach stays with you to help you build on success and navigate through road bumps, through regular chats or texts

Nicole s, - Corporate Executive & Mom of 2

I knew what I needed to do to improve my health but struggled with how to make those changes. Working with 7Core, I discovered the mindset blocks keeping me from being successful as well as the triggers that caused some of my unhealthy choices. The approach helped me to identify small steps I could start with so I wasn't overwhelmed trying to change everything all at once. New behaviors that were previously really challenging for me to implement have now become a foundation of simple, but strong, habits due to the coaching, support, and accountability I received as a 7Core client. 

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