Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard and seem impossible with a demanding schedule, but...

Being Healthy is achievable
in your busy life

when you learn the best small, simple, and practical habits to implement in your daily routine.

At 7Core, we don’t believe in quick fixes, giving out extreme plans, or promoting the latest health trends. Instead, we coach you to develop solid skills for creating sustainable, healthy habits that are achievable and specific to your busy life. 

That means you will get long term results by focusing on...

A Winning

for Successful Progress

A simple

of Evidence-based Wellness

A Personal

for Overcoming Challenges

At 7Core, we help busy people overcome frustration, overwhelm, and confusion associated with trying to obtain a healthy lifestyle. And we found establishing these main skills make all the difference between success and struggle. 

We have seen busy people achieve improved health and all its much-needed benefits (increased energy and confidence, as well as decreased stress) time and time again by adhering to these three basic skills.


Adopting a Winning Mindset
for Successful Progress

“Perfect is the enemy of good.” - Voltaire

Maybe you are like Mary and Tom who know they need to make healthy lifestyle changes, not only for themselves but also for their three children. They have a 4-year-old who is a picky eater, a 9-year-old who loves video games, and a pre-teen who is starting to become body-image conscious. Between full-time jobs and getting the kids to their various extracurricular activities, they struggle with preparing quick, healthy meals and fitting in exercise for themselves. 

They know what they need to do and why they need to change, but actually doing it seems impossible. And honestly, the thought of all the changes they feel they need to make at one time sounds like it would leave them even more tired with their already exhausting schedules. In addition, they don’t even want to think about the fights it might cause with the kids. Since there was no way to find time to make all the changes, why bother doing any of it? 

For so many, thinking you have to do it all or it doesn’t make a difference gets in the way of the impactful small progress that can lead to big results over time. Far too many people make good changes for a few days until something interrupts their progress or results come too slowly. Then, they throw in the towel as feelings of defeat arise. 

At 7Core we are not only about developing the skills necessary for a healthy lifestyle but also about helping you develop the proper mindset for success. Because in order to make impactful lifestyle changes, you first have to dump the untruthful idea that perfection is a requirement for success. Learn how to give yourself some grace and get back on track after a setback. Consistency at any level has been proven to create change over time. 

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Changing the all or nothing mindset is the first roadblock to overcome. Next, we must simplify what it means to be healthy.

Skill Two

Mastering a Simple Foundation
of Evidence-based Wellness

“When in doubt, go back to the basics.” - Unknown

Maybe you are like Dan, a 52-year-old busy, successful, and high-stressed business executive with one kid in high school and another in college. He travels often, skips breakfast, and eats almost every meal out, most of which are heavy and include wine. Even though Dan keeps a gym bag in the car, he rarely has time to make it to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio. He sleeps maybe five hours a night and feels much older than his actual age, both physically and mentally. He knows he can’t maintain his current lifestyle long term. His gut doesn’t feel right, he is tired all the time, and his blood pressure is on the rise. 

Different and conflicting information on what is healthy leaves him confused and uncertain about what to listen to. Do HIIT classes, drink protein shakes, eat like a caveman, get eight hours of sleep, meditate 15 minutes every day, and the list goes on. It all sounds too complicated, too time-consuming, and too hard. There is no way he is ever going to look like the guy on the cover of a Men’s Health magazine, so why bother!?!

Unfortunately, many experts have made being healthy complicated and complex. Even when what they claim is valid, it can still be overwhelming and intimidating. It can seem like the information is only for those who “get it,” and those of us who don’t “get it” have to suffer. 

At 7Core we are committed to cutting the confusion and simplifying the foundations of good wellness. We use basic principles as we coach you to achieve long term healthy habits in your life in a manner that is successful for you and your situation. 

These basic wellness principles include:

  • eating mostly whole, real food
  • getting in some regular movement that you enjoy
  • practicing simple self-care such as quality sleep and stress-reducing activities

Together, we develop this foundation based on your schedule and what is practical to your routine. And as noted in Principle One, we don’t address all these at one time. 

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Once your mindset is adjusted and you’ve removed the confusion and overwhelm regarding what to focus on, you can create a plan for success.


Planning a Personal Strategy

for Overcoming Challenges

“Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.” - Unknown

Maybe you are like Mandy, a military spouse who has moved to a new duty station where she doesn’t really know anyone and two weeks after arriving her husband leaves for a six-month deployment. She enters another cycle of developing a new life and a new routine as a solo parent with their two school-age kids and one dog without family near-by to help. 

She desperately wants to feel better about herself and knows eating better and working out would help her, but she struggles to find time for herself. She has tried before, many times before, and would start to make a little progress only to have it interrupted by her husband coming home or another move. Consistency seems impossible with all the obstacles in her way. And to undo all the bad habits and weight she has put on over the years seems like so much work. She has enough on her plate. Why bother??

With the mountain of challenges some people face, it can almost seem impossible to find that balance of a healthy lifestyle. Struggling to overcome all the obstacles can seem defeating and overwhelming. The best way to tackle the obstacles is to focus on conquering one day or week at a time instead of trying to take on months or years all at once. This way you only need a small amount of time each week to create a plan of attack. 

At 7Core we are passionate about helping you come up with simple solutions for all the challenges busy people face. We want you to be victorious over the obstacles by creating a confident plan to overcome. Just as you can’t go to war without strategies in place, you can’t obtain a healthier lifestyle without strong, intentional planning and preparation. 

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If you haven’t been successful at making healthy happen in your busy lifestyle, that is totally understandable. What works for a person without a lot of commitments doesn’t work for someone with a packed calendar. And even what works for one busy person won’t necessarily work for someone else. The guidelines, methods, and strategies need to be specific to your situation. Starting with these main principles will get you further than you have gone before. And getting top-notch support can exponentially improve the odds of making healthy happen in busy. 

Get started today on a path of wellness success!

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Even if you feel like you don’t have the time now, after you invest and commit, you will find you weren’t too busy for healthy habits and wish you had made the change sooner. 

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