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The BEST Healthy Habits Coaching
for Creating a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle in YOUR Busy Life

If you have any questions about the programs, feel free to schedule a call.
  • Single

  • Partner

Coaching for 1 Person

Healthy habits coaching options for one person.

Create sustainable lifestyle changes with the best support, guidance, and a system that works.

What You Gain:

  • Create your healthy regime with supportive coaching
  • Guidance on habits, challenges, & planning for consistency
  • Learn how to reach your healthy lifestyle desires
  • Planning based on your unique life situation
  • Establish a solid & sustainable foundation of healthy living
  • Make steady progress toward your goals
  • Grow confidence & skills to be successful
  • Accountability to help you stay on track

What You Get:

  • In-depth intake form
  • Initial 1 hour video call
  • Two 30-minute follow-up video calls every month
  • Post call write-ups and documents as needed
  • All-access support & accountability outside of calls via email and/or text
  • A copy of the Warrior Approach Guidebook

Your Investment:


for the first month


for each following month*

*Payments after initial charge auto renew monthly until canceled. Cancelations must be given by email 15 days prior to the next auto renewal.


How does the process work?

After we pair you with the best coach, you will sign up for one of our service offerings. The sign up will walk you through set up of payment, filling out essential forms, and schedule your initial call with your coach. Then you and your coach will build your success plan from there.

Is my information kept private?

Absolutely! The only individuals who can access your information are your coach and admin.

How do I schedule time with my coach?

Your coach will provide you with a link to her/his calendar.

What if I want an additional call with my coach?

If you would like an additional call with your coach, you may purchase a 60-minute call for $115 or 30-minute call for $65 at any time. 

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions about your service, you are welcome to set up a call with us or email Coach Jen at jen@7corewellness.com.