Junior Girl Scouts sitting on a deck, spread out, watching Coach Jen talk

Health Truths to Share With Kids

Recently I was asked to be a guest speaker for a neighborhood Junior Girl Scout group working to earn their Staying Fit badge. What an honor to talk with these beautiful 4th graders on simple truths about health. Before I spoke, they had gone for a run and had a healthy snack. 

image of Girl Scout Staying Fit badge

The Junior Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

We do need to make health truths simple. And these five points are not only great to share with kids but we adults could also use some reminders of wellness basics.

  1. Our bodies are made to be active. 
  2. The best medicine is real, whole food.
  3. Treats are okay, but make them special.
  4. Good sleep is super important.
  5. Your body is made perfect for you.

Below is the handout I gave them with my talking points. I asked them to share their favorite: way to move, vegetable to eat, treat to have, sleeping helper, and body feature. It was so fun!

Feel free to use this tool to share with kids. Click here to download the PDF. 

To everyone's good health and wellness!

Coach Jen


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