By: Veronica Garces
May 29, 2020
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Simple Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immunity

Current events have likely increased our concern about illness. We worry about our health and the health of those we love. Now is the time to focus on increasing our immunity. Take this quote into consideration:

The cells in your body react to everything your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system.” -Loretta Lanphier

This article explains 5 ways you can naturally boost your immunity.  They are broken down into small and simple habits that you can start developing.


Filling your body with clean and whole foods will help you feel good, which in turn boosts your immune system. 

  • Increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C can decrease inflammation which will help improve immune function. Vitamin C also keeps your skin healthy by boosting collagen production, helping the skin serve as a barrier to keep harmful things from entering your body. Some foods that contain Vitamin C are red peppers, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, mangoes, lemons, and other fruits and vegetables.  
  • Fix your gut. Your gut wall holds 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system. Your gut does a lot to keep your body functioning properly. This includes breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, keeping out toxins, and producing nutrients. That’s a lot of work! Consider cutting back or eliminating foods that are hard on your gut. I have been cutting back my dairy intake and it has helped a lot with my gut and how I feel. You can cut back on sugar--especially added sugars by reducing processed sweets and eating more whole grains.  


We are all under a lot of stress right now. Maybe you are worried about your job, you have been stuck in quarantine and it’s affecting your mental health, you are worried about loved ones who have the virus, you are stressed financially, etc. Whatever your reasons, it’s more important now than ever to take the time to manage your stress.  

  • Practice self-care. It is so vital to your mental health. Find something you enjoy or helps you to relieve stress and do it daily. It could be something new you want to try. I have recently been doing some paint by number projects. It’s been tedious but very therapeutic for me. If you feel it’s too hard to make time to do something, start with just 10 minutes, and then increase a little more time as time goes on.
  • Try journaling. Writing your thoughts and feelings can help you to unleash a lot of stress. There is a lot going on right now. You could be feeling lots of different emotions-- sad, mad, anxious, happy, grateful, etc. Whatever you are feeling, write about it. Sometimes there’s a lot we want to say but don’t know how to say it. Write it all down without censoring yourself and see how it made you feel.  
  • Practice meditation. Meditation helped me a lot when I struggled with anxiety. It was hard for me at first to sit still and practice the deep breathing, to let everything bothering me go for a few minutes. Meditating can help improve your emotional health and increase self-awareness. Try spending 5-10 minutes each day meditating and see how it affects your stress level. There are apps such as Calm and Headspace that give you guided meditations. You can also check out YouTube for different guided meditations.


I am a big advocate of getting enough sleep each night. It helps so much with your overall wellness. You will get sick less often, be able to think more clearly, be more effective and efficient in school and at work, and get along better with other people when you have adequate rest. Disconnecting yourself electronically for a bit is necessary for proper brain function.  

  • Put your phone away an hour before going to bed. This is a habit I am still trying to develop. You don’t need to be scrolling through social media, checking emails, figuring out things for your job, etc. That is what keeps us up at night. To help with this, try putting your phone far from your bed so you aren’t tempted to look at it when going to bed. You could even disconnect your WiFi if you are still tempted.  
  • Develop a routine before going to bed. Some things you could do are brush your teeth, wash your face, read a book, listen to calming music, or say a prayer. Having a routine will help you to unwind after a long day and will help you to get to sleep faster.
  • Make your room comfortable. Make sure you are warm enough or cool enough. Sleeping with a fan can keep you cool, but also the sound can relax you at night. You could also try using white noise or any other sounds that relax you. 


A lot of us are in quarantine and may feel like we are stuck in a way. With the weather getting warmer, it’s a great time to get outside. It not only will help our immune system but it helps our moods. Being outside helps your body and brain. It will also help naturally to increase your Vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight.

  • Open your windows. Many of us are working from home right now. A simple way to get some fresh air is to open windows. You are helping get rid of stale air and bringing in new, fresh air by opening windows. It is also a way to save energy and money by not using fans, air conditioners, heaters, etc.
  • Take your work outside. This could go along with many things. If you are reading a book, go outside on the front porch or back yard and read/listen to your book or listen to a podcast. If you are working virtually you could work outside on your laptop. This is a simple way to be outside whether you are working or just doing something you enjoy. 
  • Do yard work. Maybe you haven’t been able to get to the yard work you have been wanting to get done. Clean it up and maybe consider planting some plants. It can be very therapeutic. 
  • Play. This can go with a lot. Maybe you have kids who are going stir crazy being stuck in the house. Go outside with them and have fun. You could shoot hoops with them, pass a volleyball, play tag, do sidewalk chalk, have a water balloon toss, etc. If parks are open near you, go to the park, take a walk, have fun. Be creative. 


Developing the habit to have more physical activity throughout your day can help your immune system. It helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This could reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other illness. 

  • Take a walk. Go outside and take a good walk. This is a simple way to move more and you could kill two birds with one stone. You are outside getting your vitamin D and you are moving. Taking a brisk walk can help with balance and coordination, strengthen your bones and muscles, and improve your mood. 
  • Find ways to move more. When out and about running errands, park further away so you can squeeze in some extra movement.  If you have some downtime, go up and down the stairs in your house to get some extra movement. If you are in a building with elevators, use the stairs next time.
  • Have a dance party.  Crank up the tunes and start dancing! You can release a lot of energy that way. 
  • Do a home workout or Gym workout. A lot of gyms are still closed. You can still get a workout in at home. There are a lot of resources online for home workouts. Consider trying these at-home workouts on the 7Core Wellness website.

It is a tough time for a lot of people right now but these steps will not only help to naturally boost your immune system but it will also lift your mood. Developing these small and simple habits will give you more peace of mind about your health physically and emotionally. Focus on your health and happiness. Start making these small changes to develop these habits.  

 If this resonates with you, consider having a call with me.

To your good wellness,



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