By: Jen Gerasimas
May 18, 2021
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If you are considering investing in someone to help you obtain a healthier lifestyle within the constraints of your busy schedule, look into hiring a qualified individual who provides Healthy Habits Coaching (HHC). Five important aspects of healthy habits coaching are it centers on you, focuses on healthy habit changes, believes in progress over perfection, simplifies foundation mastery, and empowers you. Read on to discover if this type of coaching is what you need.

You are over it! Done. D-O-N-E. Done!

You are tired of feeling unfit, unhealthy, and unwell. For a super technical description, you are tired of feeling “blah.” You want to feel energized, confident, and in control of your health, gosh darn it!

You have been up and down the scale (figuratively and literally) of struggling to maintain healthy for a long time and wonder if it really has to be so hard, so impossible, to do.

What makes it even more frustrating is you know what you need to do - that exhausting list of changes you need to make to lose weight or improve your blood pressure or feel good in your skin again. 

You also know why you need to do it and beat yourself up thinking you lack motivation or willpower.

The truth is, a huge portion of the struggle is not in the what or the why but the HOW to accomplish your goals with your demanding schedule. It seems impossible to do it all or even part with your never-ending commitments.

We getchya. All the challenges make the HOW seem hard, especially when you try to do so much. But the good news is that it isn’t impossible. In fact, it is completely possible to have success in your health despite your busy schedule. 

And that is what a good Healthy Habits Coach helps you do. 

7Core Coaches are HHC Experts

Here at 7Core we are Healthy Habits Coaches. We have invested deeply in higher education and a wide range of coaching certifications. Using all our credentialing, we specialize in working with busy people to obtain sustainable healthy habits and create long term changes. Thus we use the term Healthy Habits Coach when we describe our mission at 7Core Wellness. We are healthy habits coaching (HHC) experts.

Here are the top five key components of healthy habits coaching. 

As you read through all five, you will get a better idea of whether working with a healthy habits coach is best for you. This list will also empower you to evaluate any coach you choose to partner with in your pursuit of health.

5 Components of Healthy Habit Coaching (HHC)

1. Centers on the client. 

HHC isn’t about the coach. It is not about the coach imposing a set of predetermined plans or having all the answers. Rather, it is about you, the client. You are in the driver’s seat, after all, your situation is unique to you. 

The coach is your partner helping to guide you on which path is best for you. The plans we create together are specific to your goals, dreams, hopes, and life. Not what someone else says is perfect to do. 

The coach also helps you discover your superpowers (yes, you have them) for success. He or she will bring out your best. So come as you are and we will meet you there.

2. Focuses on lifestyle habit changes.

HHC is not focused on quick fixes or the latest trends that are temporary solutions. Rather, HHC focuses on creating habits that are sustainable for the long term. As we know, that is the key to permanent healthy lifestyle changes. 

Instead of the focus being on the outcome goals such as weight loss or keeping up with the grandkids, the focus is on the behavioral goals that produce the outcome you want. For example, make most of your meals from home, create a routine of exercise, or give yourself compassion when you mess up. 

In addition, the focus is on developing habits based on your values. You may prefer not to eat meat or hate lifting weights, or don’t want to take more time away from your family. The habits you choose need to align with your preferences and values.

A healthy habits coach will help you focus on the right habits to reach behavioral goals that get you to your outcomes all while considering what you value.

3. Believes in progress over perfection.

HHC doesn’t believe in all or nothing, both in making too many changes at once or being perfect every day. Rather, it is about working to make changes you can accomplish confidently and recognizing mess-ups happen as life happens and it is okay. 

Making too many changes at one time often overwhelms. Progressively making these changes leads to the sustainable healthy life you want. This can be a huge mindset shift for some people who have the all or nothing mentality. HHC helps you overcome the thinking that is getting in the way of your success.

Also, missing a day or two, heck even a whole week, of your focused healthy habits will happen from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel. HHC helps you learn how to give yourself some grace and continue to move forward after moments like this. Moments that typically cause you to stop.  

4. Simplifies foundation mastery.

HHC won’t help you develop a complex, complicated, and confusing healthy lifestyle that isn’t necessary and can seem unachievable. Rather, HHC helps you master a simple and evidence-based core foundation of wellness.

The parameters of a healthy lifestyle are basic. We have simplified the guiding principles of eating right, moving more, and practicing self-care in a way that makes them easy to master. These principles aren’t ideas the coaches dream up; they are supported by evidence-based research. 

HHC cuts the confusion and helps you see how obtainable a healthy life can be without a bunch of detailed rules.

5. Empowers you. 

HHC isn’t about making you feel bad for what you have done or guilty for what you haven’t been doing. Rather, HHC empowers you in ways you never thought possible, like helping you discover your superpowers mentioned earlier. You will learn how capable you really are of making change, what is really preventing you from changing, strategies for overcoming challenges, how to set up your environment for success, and so much more. You will be confident in the why, what, and how of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with your busy schedule.

In addition, you will become empowered in ways you didn’t anticipate, and this is our favorite part. This is one of the reasons we are so passionate and excited about helping you. It is what we call the “side effects” that result from feeling healthier and more in control of your health. They vary for each person. So how it will impact you is yet to be discovered, but we know it will be good. These “side effects” really create a drive and extra motivation to keep up the good habits. 

Some of our clients report the following “side effects” of HHC:

  • I can do things I never dreamed of doing. (A 64-year-old grandma)
  • I found my workout time therapeutic. It actually increased my creativity by giving me a break from work activities. (A high-level manager with long hours and much stress)
  • These practices decreased my depression caused by some unfortunate personal experiences. (Single parent)
  • Working with these coaches increased my confidence about being in front of people and helped me book my next client. (Business owner)

Ready to be done and feel in control?

Taking control of your health impacts every part of your life. It will be one of the best things you do for yourself. 

So if you are ready to make the changes you have wanted for years that will have a great long term impact on your life, consider hiring a healthy habits coach. And once you get started, you may feel like another client who said, “It is the best personal investment I have ever made.” 

Picking the right Healthy Habits Coach is important. So we encourage you to do your research and find someone who is a good fit. If you would like to explore more of what 7Core can provide and learn more about our coaches, set up a 20 minute complimentary consultation call. We would be happy to talk with you.

But whether you choose to work with 7Core or another health and wellness coaching business, make the commitment to yourself to get the assistance and support you need. No one ever regrets getting help with their health. They may only regret that they didn’t get it sooner. 

We wish you the very best in health and wellness here at 7Core.



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