By: Jen Gerasimas
May 18, 2021
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Creating the changes you need to improve your health and reach your wellness goals can feel super challenging and unattainable. The good news is that it is not impossible! Victory can be yours when you implement a system with these three non-negotiables: the Right Mindset, the Right Plan, and the Right Accountability. If you have been struggling to create sustainable healthy habits, consider which of these three are missing, make the changes, and start seeing the progress you are looking for.

3 Non-Negotiables for Reaching (Im)Possible Goals

Reaching goals requires change. But change is hard. Making changes that stick can be even harder. If you aren’t happy with your current wellness and have a strong desire for things to improve so you can serve yourself and your loved ones better, you need to make changes that stick. In my experience helping clients create a healthy lifestyle, I have discovered three non-negotiable keys to make lasting change a reality.

Here they are:

  1. The Right Mindset 
  2. The Right Plan
  3. The Right Accountability 

These non-negotiables are requirements for success. And these non-negotiables are the foundation of our Master Healthy Habits Method.

As you read, consider which of these areas may need your attention or implementation. Let’s take a little time to discuss each one in order. Because the order is important. If you don’t have the Right Mindset, nothing else will fall into place.


No change will happen if your mind isn’t set on the right things. You must banish self-defeating thoughts. How you think about your situation dramatically affects your outcome. People can have the same goals and use the same tools, but the right mindset brings success. For example, you could say, “I am trying to lose weight, so I can’t eat that,” or, “Eating that doesn’t go with my healthy self.” See the difference in perception? One statement focuses on external drivers while the other declares who you are.

Here is a list of mindset shift categories commonly found among people who need and want to make healthy changes in their lifestyle.

  • Victim to Victor. Declare your victory over your struggles from the beginning. No more “I wish”, “I’m trying”, or “If only” statements.
  • Self-defeating to Life-Giving. Make a shift from those self-defeating and self-destructive untruths to more life-giving and truthful statements.
  • Challenges to Opportunities. Challenges that arise when working on healthy habits aren’t roadblocks, but opportunities to get stronger.
  • Perfection to Progress. Small changes over time lead to better success than trying to make all the changes at once. Give yourself grace for mess-ups.
  • Selfish Care to Act of Love. Self-care and taking care of your wellbeing isn’t selfish. It is actually a form of love because it enables you to serve others better.

To help you make the mindset shift, consider writing down your current mindset regarding your wellness goals. Then, write down the new mindset you need to have. Cross out the negative thoughts. They are no more. Circle the new. They replace the negative. You may have to work on your mindset everyday. Get out of bed with thoughts of victory every single day! You could even put affirming sticky notes on your mirror to read while you brush your teeth.

For more on each of the categories above with examples, see the article How to Shift Your Mindset for Healthy Habit Success, and download the accompanying infographic.

Once you make a mindset change, the next non-negotiable is establishing habits. But we’re not going to focus on the big goal first, instead, we’ll tackle small habits as part of the Right Plan.


If you have struggled with success, it may be that you haven’t been using the best system to set yourself up for victory. The Right Plan focuses on habits rather than goals and considers the challenges to prevent success so you create a plan and prepare anything you need. You have to get out pen and paper and write down your game plan. There is power in making a written plan. Let’s focus on winning one week at a time.

Here are the steps in brief. For more see, the article 5 Simple Steps to Create Sustainable Habits.

  1. Note goal & pick habits. For the goal you want to achieve, pick 1 to 2 habits to focus on for about 4 weeks. Work to create consistency one habit at a time. Pick habits you are confident about achieving. Break the habits down to smaller ones, if necessary. 
  2. Define why. Note the reason, the driver, your why for wanting and needing to work on these habits and reach your health goals. It is important to keep this in the forefront of your mind.
  3. Identify challenges. Identify challenges that would keep you from achieving your habits for the week and think of ways to overcome them.
  4. Plan and prep. Write up a plan to be successful at your habits for the week and do any prep that is needed.
  5. Take action. Do the thing. And trust the process.  

For our free tool to help you create a plan to focus on healthy habits, get our Healthy Habits Starter Guide.

Now, that you have refocused your mindset, picked your habits, and planned and prepared for a week of success, let’s not let all that effort go to waste. The cherry on top to ensure success is an accountability system.


Accountability can be tricky. Coming up with an accountability plan means you are committed, you REALLY want the change. Without a system of accountability, you could fall off the horse and not get back on because you don’t have a driver to push you back or keep you where you need to be. 

Accountability can come in different forms. You have to pick what will work best for you and you might need more than one. Some suggestions are:
  • Simplest: Create a calendar or check sheet to mark your success.
  • Technical: Use technology such as apps on your phone, smartwatch, or digital program.
  • Social: Post your goal on social media along with your progress. 
  • Group: Get a group of friends and work out together or join a group.
  • Friend: Share your goals with a family member or friend who will support you.
  • Hire: Get yourself a coach and increase your chance of success by 95%.

Setting up an accountability system may sound a little nerve wracking. It makes me nervous because I can’t back out of the habits I am trying to create. Although it may seem like you are restricting yourself, you may just find it can be freeing to openly share your challenges and have accountability support.

For more on each of these accountability methods, see the article How Accountability Makes Healthy Habits Happen and download the companion infographic.

Paper trackers can be one of the best methods. Our Healthy Habits Starter Guide includes an accountability calendar for all your gold stars.

So there they are - the system for victory - the three non-negotiables for reaching your health goals so you can feel good and overcome your previous health struggles. This is the foundation of our Master Healthy Habits Method. 

If you have tried in the past to create change, which one of these three non-negotiables was missing? Which one do you need to implement now to achieve your goals for your future self? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

We would love to help you reach your (im)possible goals.

To your best health and wellness,

Coach Jen

Watch the Webinar: 3 Non-Negotiables for Reaching (Im)possible Goals.


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