Simplify What It Means & How To Eat Healthy

Carbs or no carbs? Fat or no fat? Dairy or no dairy? Macros, calories, ketos? Three square meals a day, small meals 5 times a day, or intermittent fasting? Determining exactly what to eat can be filled with  uncertainty and confusion. Not to mention challenging to implement and hard to maintain. What it means to eat healthy is actually very basic - a nutrition plan of whole, real foods. To establish healthy eating, start by implementing a small focus change, create a maintainable habit, and then build a progressively stronger foundation by adding small changes one at a time.

How to master eating right:

Step 1: Focus on changing your nutrition intake to mostly whole, real food.
Step 2: Make every meal complete by including vegetables, protein, fat, & carbs.
Step 3: Increase the variety of whole, real food you eat each day.

Eat whole, real foods

Eat mostly veggies, fruit, quality protein, whole grains, & good fat. Very minimal processed, artificial, or sugary foods.

Each meal is complete

Each meal has a combination of lots of veggies, quality proteins, a good fat, an optional fruit, & quality carbs.

Each day has variety

Each day has an assortment of veggies and fruit, protein from a good source, quality whole grains, & good fat.

Where to start?

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If you are overwhelmed with all the changes you need to make and uncertain where to start improving your nutrition, then take our quiz.

What Healthy Habit Do I Start With? Quiz

Learn what habit to focus on first, create your plan, & start making progress.

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For some, knowing what to do and how to do it still doesn't make creating healthy nutrition habits any less of a struggle. Extra support, guidance, and accountability are needed for making sustainable change. Our Healthy Habits Coaches can help. Schedule a call today to learn how we can help you be successful in reaching your health goals.

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